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How To Set Multiple Timers & Stopwatch On Android Devices

Learn how to set multiple count down or count app timers on Android. Have you ever needed to have many timers on the same time. There are many cases when you need to have more than a timer. It happens to do different things on the same time but all those thing need the exact time to finish. Sometimes it needed count down timers and some other count up timers. 

Now you don’t have to worry any more, thanks to one app called Time Boos, as you see from the name it’s a “boss” on counting times. You can set different timers in the same time and all with a description so you can do multiple things in the same time. It allows you to set both count up and count down timers in the same time. It also give you the chance to set what happens when the time runs out or when the count up timer reaches a standard time.

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You can set alarm when the time finish. Time Boos will be your reminder in everything you do. It allows you to set sound alarm or vibration. The good thing is that you can set multiple timers separate from each other and this is very helpful. The app is easy to use, simply create the timers and then tap on one of them to stop or start it.

time boos

The app can be downloaded from Play Store and it’s totally free. The developer also made a video and uploaded to YouTube so if you want to see the app interface and how its work, check this video.

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