Incredible Hacks To Turn Your Smartphone Into The Ultimate Business Tool

Smartphones are so versatile and great for loads of different things. Today, I want to show you some super cool hacks that will turn any old smartphone into an incredible business tool. Take a look at my ideas down below:

Download A Virtual Assistant App

The great thing about smartphones is that they’re getting smarter by the day. Apps are being developed that improve their capabilities and make them incredible business tools. Now, why spend so much money on a personal assistant when you can download a virtual one on your phone?

There are apps like Hound that are pretty much personal assistants in the palm of your hand. A lot of phones do come with built-in virtual assistants too, like Cortana. However, some people think that the third party apps are even better.

Basically, with your virtual assistant you can communicate with your phone and set agendas and reminders, etc. You can even program your assistant to respond to text messages automatically. It’s incredibly cool, and a brilliant way to make your phone more business-friendly.

Turn It Into A Mobile Point Of Sale

What’s one of the most important things your business needs?

That’s right, a point of sale to process all your payments. For small businesses or companies that are mobile and move around a lot, accepting card payments can be a bother. However, now, you can get mobile credit card processing accessories to attach to your smartphone.

What this does is enable customers to swipe their card through the attachment and the payment gets processed through your phone. Essentially, your phone is now a point of sale, and you can accept card payments wherever you are.


Use It As A Projector

Many people don’t know this, but you can actually use your mobile device as a projector. There are some companies out there that sell little devices you can pop your phone in and project the screen onto a blank surface. You can even make a projector yourself if you feel like taking a more hands on approach.

By doing this, you can get powerpoint presentations up on your phone screen and then project them on a wall to show the entire room. It’s a very convenient idea and saves so much time as you only have to get the slides up on your phone as opposed to turning on a computer and projector separately.

Forward Calls From A Business Landline To Your Phone

The last thing you can do is so easy and yet so effective. If you have a business, then it’s more professional to give people a landline number to call. Hand out a mobile number, and you just don’t seem like a proper business. So, what you can do is purchase a business landline number and get all the calls forwarded to your phone.

Basically, you’re carrying around a business phone in your pocket at all times. This means you’ll never miss a call even when you’re out and about. Plus your business to start look bigger and better as a result.

What are you waiting for? Use all of these hacks and transform your phone into the ultimate business tool today. Do you have any other tip you would like to share with us. Fee free to write in the comment section below.

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