Install Comapact Volume Panel On CyanogenMod 12 And Tweak The Volume Layout

Are you tired of the stock Volume panel and all the unnecessary space it takes. Well, I am too, that’s why I decided to search for a way to customize the volume panel on CyanogenMod 12 ROM that I am currently using. After a few searches I found a mod which helped me to tweak the Volume Panel and I am sure it will help you too.

What I found useful to this mod is that it removes the unnecessary padding and blank space and it works on Lollipop. You may have heard about many other apps which don’t’ require root access. But they don’t work on Lollipop. Since the new Android version come with a new architecture so the apps need to be updated to work on Lollipop.

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But why this module is so good and helps you to customise the Volume Panel on every device running CyanogenMod 12 ROM. You may have noticed that the height of Volume panes is half the size when changing media stream. It takes a big portion of the screen, it means less video when you are watching and less game when you are playing. Another thing that I really hate was that when you watch YouTube videos in portrait mode, the volume bar covers a big part of the video.

Customize Volume Panel on CyanogenMod 12 ROM

This module is very useful because it will reduce the height of Volume panel up to 50% and the look will the same as stock with all the shortcuts and the background service. The developer of this mod named as moneytoo says that he tried to make it transparent but didn’t succeed so for now we have to enjoy with the stock color.

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You can download the mod from here install it as normal apk. Then you have to reboot the phone and that’s all. Check the volume panel and if you really like this please hit the Like button below. It will make me happy and motivated to share good things about tweaking a making your phone awesome.

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