Install HTC BlinkFeed & Weather Widget On Any Android Device

BlinkFeed is the attempt of HTC to do something really cool with the home screen of Android devices. It aims to move away from the traditional home screen and brings something unique for HTC One and other models. The idea to make your phone screen to look much better than then the old home screens seems to be liked by many peoples and it has become one of the strongest point of HTC devices.

At first when the BlinkFeed was presented, manu people were sceptic about it. We have to admit that in the early satage BlinkFeed wasn’t as good  as now. After the 4.3 update was released for HTC One, between many features it brings also a huge update for BlinkFeed. If you want to learn more about what BlinkFeed is and what it offers, you can search around. There are plenty of articles to give useful information about it.

In this article we will not do a review for BlinkFeed but the intention of this post is to provide the right files to install BlinkFeed on every Android device. You will not install only BlinkFeed but also even HTC weather widget and other BlinkFeed plugins such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and make your phone home screen really awesome. You don’t have to own a HTC device to make the Home Screen unique.


  • Android 4.4 and higher.


  • HTC BlinkFeed – V6.3.840430. Download here.
  • HTC Service Pack – V1.1.853606. Download here.
  • HTC Weather – V6.2.836008. Download here.
  • WorldClock – V6.1.797217. Download here.

If you want to make your phone looks similar to HTC you can download the BlinkFeed plugins below.

  • Twitter –  V6.0.847523. Download here.
  • Facebook – V6.0.847523. Download here.
  • Google Plus – V6.0.847461. Download here.
  • Instagram – V6.0.847476. Download here.
  • LinkedIn – V6.0.847476. Download here.

To install the apps download them and install as simply apk file. You can put the apk files also directly to system folder but it’s more safety to install them. If you are experiencing problem check if “Unknown Sources” is enabled. Go to Settings > Security and enable Unknown Sources.

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