Install HTC One M9 Home Launcher, Apps & Widgets (Download Link)

Once a new phone is unveiled, hard work developers start to port almost everything. This time a good news for all HTC lovers is coming. Now every one who own an Android device can download and install HTC One M9 apps and widgets. They are ported directly from Sense 7 and until now no one have reported any issues.

So if you are a fan of Sense UI and you would like to try all the featured apps of the new Sense 7 presented on HTC One M9 then it’s time to go through some easy steps in order to install them on your device. All the apps and widgets are pushed into a single zip file to make things easy for you. If you are wondering what apps you are going to install through that zip file, here is a list.

  • HTC One M9 Launcher
  • HTC BlinkFeed
  • HTC Keyboard
  • HTC Gallery
  • HTC Weather Widget
  • HTC Video Player
  • HTC Music Player
  • HTC File Manager
  • HTC Clock
  • Widgets, Hotspot, Screen Brightness, GPS, Screen Timeout, Auto Rotate.

Do you want to install Sense 7 HTC One M9 apps and widgets. Go ahead and make sure to meet all the requirements and proced to the installation guide.

download htc one m9 launcher, apps, widgets and more


  • Root Access. Make sure to root your phone before continue further.
  • Install a Custom Recovery like TWRP or CWM.
  • Make sure you have at least 150 Mb free on your device.


  • HTC One M9 Apps. Download here.

Install HTC One M9 Apps, Launcher and Widgets

The simplest and safest method to install the HTC One M9 apps on any Android device is to flash them using a Recovery. Follow the steps below.

  • Download HTC One M9 apps from link below and move them somewhere on phone internal memory.
  • Turn off your phone.
  • Boot into Recovery.
  • Make a backup of your current ROM.
  • Flash the zip file.
  • Reboot and don’t forget to Enjoy.

If you do not prefer to flash the apps using a Custom Recovery, you can put them manually into system folder. Using a Root file explorer, copy the apk files and move them into System> apps & System> priv-apps folders. 

Note: The package contains lot of proprietary files ( You need to put them in the appropriate directories. Once pushed the files into System directory you have to change file permissions to rw-r-r for each app and then restart the phone. That’s all you can go to app drawer and check the apps and widgets. If you found this post useful please give us a like below.

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