How To Install Official Galaxy S5 Firmware & Kernels Using ODIN

In this guide, we will walk through a step by step guide how to install official firmware and kernels on Samsung Galaxy S5. Actually, the procedure is quite the same for all Samsung device. All you need is Odin flash tool, the firmware or kernel, your Galaxy S5 and a USB cable.

Odin is a tool that is designed to flash files on Samsung devices. Installing files via Odin is the safest way because there is no risk only if the file is corrupted. With Odin, chances to brick the device are small. Also, it is pretty simple to use. Anyway, in this guide, we will focus how to install official firmware on Galaxy S5 but as I previously said you can follow the same procedure for any Samsung device.

There are various reason to install a new firmware. Firstly it will delete anything you have previously installed on your phone and will make it look like new. Also, you may install a new firmware to update to a newer version of Android. If you’re like most of Android users that have installed a Custom ROM and once you get bored you want to sell the phone but first make it look like new.

What to do? Install an official firmware. If you make up your mind and want to proceed further go ahead and follow all the steps carefully to install an official firmware on Galaxy S5 and any other Samsung device.

Getting things prepared

There are few things you should take care of before going to install an official firmware on Samsung Galaxy devices. Firstly if you have important files such as photos, videos, documents, etc that you don’t want to lose, save them somewhere else.

Download ODIN flash tool and then the firmware you want to install. In this case, you can download the Galaxy S5 firmware from Sam Mobile firmware section. Search there for your phone model number and download the firmware.

Make sure your phone is charged up to 60% so it won’t shut down unexpectedly during the firmware installation. If it does you may end up with a bricked device and this is something you don’t want to mess up

Download and install the proper USB drivers on your computer otherwise, it will not recognize the phone and you can’t install anything.


How to install official firmware and kernel on Galaxy S5 and other Samsung devices

  • Step 1: Get your device and turn it off completely.
  • Step 2: Boot your phone into Download Mode or ODIN Mode, it’s the same thing. Press and hold Volume Down + Home + Power Button at the same time.
  • Step 3: Launch Odin flash tool on your computer and then connect the device to it using a USB cable. Make sure to use the original cable to not experience issues while installing the firmware.
  • Step 4: Once you’re sure the computer has recognised the phone, click on PDA tab on Odin and select the firmware you have downloaded.
  • Step 5: Click START and wait for the process to finish. Wait for a couple of minutes.

It’s recommended to boot the phone into recovery and then wipe cache, Dalvik cache. Reboot the phone again and that’s all. If you have any question related to this post or anything else, do write in the comment section below and we will be happy to help you.

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