How To Install Xposed Framework On Lollipop ROMs (Download Link)

Xposed Framework finally made its own way to Lollipop ROMs. We have heard a lot of rumours about Xposed Framework and if it will be available to Lollipop since Lollipop has a different system runtime from the previous android versions so Xposed must be updated support it. Lollipop brings so many changes and lot of people love it but in the other hand those few peoples who like not only the appearance are annoyed because Lollipop dropped support for a lot of apps and Xposed is one of them.

Google decided to change system runtime from Dalvik To ART and this annoy numerous developers and users who like to customize thier device with the latest tweaks. Since apps need to be updated to work with the new architecture of Lollipop and thir requires a lot of work. In XDA lot of developers refused to update to the new version of Android due to the fact that it dropped support for Xposed.

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For those who are not familiar with Xposed, here is a short description. Xposed Framework is considered as a godsend to the modding community. It is the best way to customize your Android device and doesn’t requiring flashing any ROM or something like that. It brings a ton of customizations for your device and you can install them just like simple apps. In fact Xposed Framework requires something. It needs a rooted device. If you have rooted your phone a must thing to do is to install Xposed Framework.

You may ask why it was needed a long time for Developers to update Xposed Framework to support Lollipop. Well, there are lot of apps that  were updated to work on Lollipop but for Xposed was needed a long time to make it to support Lollipop. Since Xposed is not like other apps and it has to do with system customizations, it’s not so easy to make it to work with the new architecture. But after a long time the developer “rovo89” released a version of Xposed Framework that can be installed on a device running every Android Lollipop ROM.

Xposed framework for lollipop roms

If you want to learn more about Xposed Framework for Lollipo visit the Q&A for this project here. “rovo89” was kind enough to provide us with Q&A for its latest project. There you will find answers for most of the question you may have. But if you know already enough information about Xposed let’s jump in the installation guide.

How to install Xposed Framework on Android Lollipop

disclosure: Remember this project is in a early stage and things can happen. This have worked for a lot of people but this doesn’t mean tha it will work for you as well. We are not responsible for any damage you do to your device so perform it at your own risk.


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How to install

  • Download the apk file and install it but make sure to enable “Unknown Sources” otherwise the apk file will not be installed.
  • Open the app and go to Framework an try if it can download and install Framework. If not proceed to the next steps.
  • Download the zip file from above link and put it somewhere on your phone where you can easily find it.
  • Turn of your phone and boot it in Recovery.
  • Flash the zip file.
  • Reboot.

Wait for the phone to turn on. It will be running Xposed and you can install your favorite modules. Soon we will post a new article with the best modules that works on lollipop so stay tuned.

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