Dowloand ElementalX Kernel For OnePlus 3

In today’s guide we gonna talk about EementalX Kernel. It is designed to improve performance and maximum stability. ElementalX kernel has been available for plethora of devices and now it made its way to OnePlus 3.

ElementalX kernel for OnePlus 3 is available now. If you are a person who depend on your phone in daily life that this kernel is for you. It is very stable, clean and simple. ElementalX kernel doesn’t have useless kernel patches or make dangerous changes to phone system that can cause weird problems. It has well-tested features and that simply make your phone better.

You can install this kernel on OxygenOS and HydrogenOS and also on CyanogenMod and ROMs based on CyanogenMod. Simply download the rigth files below and then continue with the installation by following carefully all the steps below:

ElementalX Kernel OnePlus 3

Before going through the installation process take a look of ElementalX features:

  • Easy installation and setup with Aroma installer.
  • Advanced color control.
  • Backlight dimmer.
  • Notification LED control.
  • Sweep2sleep.
  • Wake Gestures.
  • USB OTG support
  • NTFS r/w support.
  • Adjust and disable vibration.
  • Power and Performance optimizations.
  • Disable FSYNC.
  • Doesn’t modify system partition.
  • Doesn’t force encryption.
  • Doesn’t overwrite modules.
  • FIOPS, CFQ, BFQ deadline, noop and SIO i/o schedulers.
  • Compatible with systemless root.

How to install ElementalX Kernel on OnePlus 3


There are two version of ElementalX kernel for OnePlus 3. Download the right file depending on your ROM. Check the links below:

  • OxygenOS, HydrogenOS and stock based ROMs. Download here.
  • CyanogenMod and CyanogenMod based ROMs. Download here.


  • Root access. You should root your phone. There are so many ways to root an Android device. So just do some searches and you will find a way.
  • Custom Recovery such as TWRP or CWM. A Custom Recovery is needed to flash files. If you haven’t installed one yet, you should do it right now.
  • Battery at least 60%. It’s recommended just in case. You may now want your phone goes dead during the installation of the kernel. If it shuts down unexpectedly it may end in soft bricking.
  • Make a backup just in case anything goes wrong. We recommend to do a Nandroid backup but you can use third-party apps as well.


Do not flash this kernel over a custom kernel. You should flash ElementalX kernel only over the kernel that comes with your ROM.

Installation guide

  • Download ElementalX kernel.
  • Move it somewhere on your phone internal memory.
  • Turn off your phone and boot into recovery.
  • Make a backup just to be safe.
  • Navigate to install section and flash the kernel.
  • Reboot and enjoy!

That’s all! ElementalX kernel has been successfully installed on OnePlus3.

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