[ROM] LG G3 Fulmics ROM Installation Guide

Fulmics ROM is one of the best ROM for LG G3 and in this post, you are going to learn how to install it. First of all, you will need to download Fulmics ROM for LG G3 and then continue with the installation guide. We will walk through a step by step guide and explain everything in details so you can easily install the ROM on your phone.

Before going to install the ROM here are few thing you need to know about it. Fulmics ROM has a plethora of features that probably you will not find on other ROMS. The Fulmics team motto is: “Simplicity makes life easier”. Between tons of features you will find:

  • Multi-carrier support
  • Sqlite support
  • Disabled logging & removed unneeded bloatware
  • APM (Advanced Power Menu) ; Reboot, Safe Mode, Hot Reboot, Recovery
  • Camera tweaks; 60 fps, full HD, 64 bit, 4k, high-quality.
  • Fulmics HUB – download mods / addons / kernels / etc
  • Fulmics OTA – Update to the latest versions
  • Fulmics Tweaks – a lot of tweaks
  • Custom screen density
  • Enable all rotations (90, 180, 270 degrees)


  • Ported full ux 5.0 and apps from LG G5 (latest build)
  • Camera timelapse video feature from LG G5
  • Ability to set custom longpress home actions
  • Hide/show lockscreen weather effects
  • Ability to hide quick settings wifi ssid label
  • added tweak to disable dialog when airplane mode is enabled
  • ability to read dff audio files
  • disable flash on custom battery level in cameraFulmics ROM LG G3


In this guide, we will provide a step by step tutorial how you can install Fulmics ROM on LG G3. IF you follow all the steps carefully you will lower the risk of bricking your phone.

All this guide is made with the intention to lead you through the entire process of installing Fulmics ROM on LG G3. So be careful to read everything, choose the files carefully and be patient while installing the ROM and you will see that in just a couple of minutes you will successfully install Fulmics ROM on LG G3.

Early Preparations

  • We strongly recommend you to do a backup before continue to install the ROM. It will help you being safe because if anything goes wrong still you can restore the backup of your current ROM.
  • Be careful to download the right files. Usually, there are different files for each LG G3 model. So go to Settings > About Phone and check phone model. Then download the right files for your model.
  • You should charge your phone up to 60% so you will be sure it won’t shut down unexpectedly during the flashing process.
  • Install a Custom Recovery. We strongly recommend using TWRP since it’s more easier to use and has a lot of support. Usually, it is updated in every couple of days. If you have installed TWRP make sure it is updated to the latest version. Go to TWRP main site to verify its last version.


How to install Fulmix ROM to LG G3

  • If you haven’t done a backup we strongly recommend to do it just to be safe. We prefer also to be safe enough so just copy the backup files to PC. We recommend do a Nandroid backup because it creates a full copy of your current ROM and if you will need to restore it later, it’s super easy.
  • If you backed up all your files it’s time to continue and install Fulmics ROM on LG G3. You will need to reboot your phone into Recovery. If there is no option in Power Menu that will boot the phone automatically into Recovery, you can do it manually. Turn it off and then press in the same time Power + Volume down. Keep them pressed until you see LG logo and then release them fast and press again.
  • Once your device boots into recovery seriously you should backup everything, every partition you see there is important and you must back up all of them.
  • If you want a clean ROM installation you should wipe everything. Go to the wipe section and then wipe it, then advanced wipe.
  • Once you wipe the files go back to the main screen of recovery and tap on install section. Find the ROM file you have downloaded and select it. The flashing process will start once you press OK.
  • Confirm and let Recovery to flash the ROM. You can flash as many zip files you want. The other zip files may include Custom Kernels, Mods, Goodies such as Google Apps etc;
  • Once you finish flashing the ROM simply reboot the phone and you will see the phone turning on and you will have to configure the phone for first time use.

That’s all! You have successfully installed Fulmics ROM on LG G3.

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Enjoy it!

If you have any other question feel free to ask in the comment section below.


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