Tech It With You: Must-Have Gadgets For The Modern Backpacker

International travel is now more accessible than ever, which has seen a huge increase in extended backpacking trips. When done properly, this can become the greatest experience of your life. But whether you’re alone or with friends, it’s imperative that you take the necessary items with you.

Technology can be massively useful on your adventure. From providing entertainment to aiding organization, the right tools will enhance your trip. Want to find out which items should be considered essential for your upcoming time abroad? Then you best keep reading.

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In fairness, most people wouldn’t be seen anywhere without their iPhone or Samsung. However, backpacking is one time where you can appreciate the full benefit of this powerful piece of tech.

As well as being a tool to communicate with loved ones back home, you can accessorize it until it becomes the perfect entertainment system. This will save you the hassle of carrying various products like music players, translators, and maps.

backpacker smartphones1

Essentially, the clue is in the title. If you want to be a smarter backpacker, keeping a smartphone on your possession is key.

Personal CCTV

Most backpackers are on a budget. Even if you’re not, staying in hostels is part of gaining the authentic experience. While you are unlikely to encounter problems due to sharing a room, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

  spy camera

You should be keeping valuable items locked away anyway. Nevertheless, hidden spy cameras are a great way to give yourself that added sense of protection. If a situation does surface, you’ll have the video evidence to either sort the situation or take matters further.

For your own peace of mind, this investment is worth its weight in gold.

eBook Reader

For the vast majority of your backpacking adventure, you’ll be out having unforgettable experiences. However, there will be a lot of travel involved. If those include a lot of flights, you might not always be able to use your smartphone. An eBook reader is the best alternative.

Kindle reader

Whether you’re into fantasy, crime or another genre doesn’t matter. A great book can cure those occasional moments of boredom. Or maybe you just want something to do while relaxing by a pool or on the beach.

With an eBook reader, you can access a world of titles without carrying multiple books at once too. Technology doesn’t get much smarter than that, especially when you’re backpacking. Find your Kindle on Amazon.

Water Purifier

Technology doesn’t always need to be computerized to bring huge benefits. Staying hydrated is an essential aspect of living, and that doesn’t change while you’re backpacking. As such, a water purifier is key.

water purifier bottle

Buying bottles on a daily basis are time-consuming and expensive. Unfortunately, tap water may not agree with your stomach. For a cost-effective and safe solution, a travel water purifying bottle is best. This is particularly practical when taking on hikes and other adventures. In truth, though, it will also benefit you on a daily basis throughout your travels.

The simple things in life are often the best, and this is certainly one. Do not ignore its importance. Get it on Amazon.


goTenna is inspired by the disaster rescue and recovery operations followingHurricane Sandy. goTenna is a small gadget that will keep your smartphone, Android or iOS connected even when there is no signal. It uses Bluetooth-LE to pair with a mobile device.


goTenna is designed to help users who possess this device to share messages and locations between with a range of 50 miles. So next time you are thinking to go hiking somewhere better have this pocket-sized two-way antenna.

Solar-Powered Inflatable Light

Traveling can be difficult from time to time. You may find yourself alone in the middle of nowhere. Having a sustainable source of light for the next adventure is always a good idea. The smartphone battery doesn’t last longer and the other lights need to change batteries very often.

Solar-Powered LED light

The best alternative and a smart way to have light always is to get a solar-powered light. After 6 hours charging in the sun, it will produce light up to 15 hours. Some of these kinds of lamps are waterproof, portable and weight less than 200 gram. My favorite is LuminAID Solar Inflatable Light. You can purchase it on Amazon for few bucks.

Hi-Tech Foot Warmers

Foot warmers are mainly designed to make winter activities comfortable and enjoyable. But it’s always good to have a pair of foot-warmers when you are traveling because it never knows where will you end up. If you consider yourself a modern backpacker and want to make your trip as comfortable as possible then you should get foot-warmers among your other stuff.

ThermaCell Foot Warmers

The innovative ThermaCell Heated Insoles will take your feet comfort to another level. These remote-controlled foot warmers will keep your foot warm and dry thanks to a thermostat-driven control system and also they are water resistant which protects them from moisture. Buy on Amazon.

Travel Steam Iron – The smallest in the world

Being a backpacker doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of your clothes. The modern backpacker should be always dressed up. This small steam iron will help you get the best of your clothes. They will look better even if they are not you.

smallest steam iron

It features a 420-watt motor and three heating levels. The device is the same size as a computer mouse. It can be very useful especially f you are traveling for business or simply if you like being dressed up. Get in on Amazon for an affordable price.

Mission Impossible-Style Banking

Online banking over free WiFi and unsecured wireless network are a bit sketchy. It never knows if that guy sitting around the corner with a laptop isn’t sniffing the wireless for the web passwords. You don’t want you credit card information falls into the wrong hands.

Get the ultimate in password security with ETrade’s SecurID® Two-Factor Authentication token. It uses a strong authentication and generates a random password every 60 seconds. Your information will be safe and you will be proud for that.

RSA Security Token

Basically, these are our recommending gadgets for the modern backpacker. We would like to hear your thoughts. Feel free to share your tips and your favorite gadget in the comments below.

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  1. James Darlinger

    Among all the devices included in this list, I’d have to say that the inflatable light seems to me like one of the most useful things to have, especially when camping and what not.

    There have been many instances I’ve been stuck camping with nothing more than the light of a campfire, or a makeshift light made in conjunction with a smartphone. Makes me wonder why I didn’t think of buying one earlier!

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