OmniROM Android 5.0 Lollipop for Galaxy S2 I9100 (Download & Install )

Download and install OmniROM Custom ROM on your Galaxy S2 and enjoy the features of Lollipop. OmniROM was the first ROM based on Android 5.0 Lollipop. Even though AOSP source code has a few time that is released, OmniROM still remains a better choice if you want to taste lollipop features on your Android phone. Samsung Galaxy S2 make a revolution in Android world when it was announced times ago and it solds more than 20 million units all around the word. Thats why Galaxy S2 has a lot support, lot of people still use this phone yet despite the fact that it can’t be consider a revolutionary phone anymore.

Samsung stopped supporting this device after it received Jelly Bean update, but developers are still supporting this device and keeping it alive so it can’t consider an old phone at least when it comes to software updates. There are numerous high-end devices that haven’t received Android Lollipop update yet, but Galaxy S2 seems to be available for Lollipop features. So if you want your Galaxy to be in touch with features of the moment, it’s time to install OmniROM 5.0.

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The developer who managed to build this ROM says that it still is in work progress and the ROM will be stable enough to use as a daily driver. But until in the next update the ROM contains lot of bugs and problems. So for now it’s not suggested to use it as a daily driver but only if you want to try the lollipop features and see how it looks on Galaxy S2. So if you have taken your mind and want to test Lollipop on your Galaxy S2 despite the fact that it contains problems, go ahead and install it by following the steps below.

Galaxy_S2-omnirom android 5.0 lollipop


  • This ROM is only for Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100. Make sure your device has the same model number. If you flash this ROM in another device will result in bricking it.
  • Battery should be charged more than 70% so your phone will not go dead during the procedure. If it goes dead will result in soft bricking.
  • Your device must be rooted and a Custom Recovery must be installed.
  • Make a Backup just to be safe. This method is tested an it works fine but things can happen. This is highly recommended if anything goes wrong you still can access your data.

Note: This method is about flashing, rooting your device, flashing Custom ROMs and Recoveries and it may cause phone bricking. Do it with your own responsibility and if any thing goes wrong don’t complain that it was my fault. You decided to mess up with your device by your own responsibility.

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  1. OmniROM 5.0. Download from here.
  2. Android 5.0 Gapps. Download from here.

How To Install OmniROM Android 5.0 On Samsung Galaxy S2.

You may have installed different Custom Recover like CWM, PhilZ or TWRP, so below you are going to find guides for each custom recoveries.

CWM & PhilZ Users

  • Download the files above and copy them to the root folder of sdcard.
  • Turn off the device.
  • Boot into Recovery. Press and hold the Volume Up + Home + Power buttons.
  • Back-up your ROM using Recovery. Navigate to Back-up and Restore and chose Back-up again.
  • Once Back-up is complete go again to main screen.
  • Navigate to to advance and choose Wipe Dalvik Cache, so you won’t get in any bootloop.
  • Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
  • Go back to main screen and navigate to Install zip from sd card then select choose zip from sd card.
  • Select file and confirm the installation on next screen.
  • Once the Installation is Over, you will be promoted to Reboot System Now.

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TWRP Users

  • Tap on Back-Up and select System and Data
  • Swipe the Confirmation Slider.
  • Tap on Wipe Button and Select Cache, System, Data.
  • Swipe the Confirmation Slider.
  • Go back to Main Menu and Tap Install Button.
  • Find the, and Swipe the Slider to install it.
  • Once the Installation is over, you will be promoted to Reboot System Now.
  • Select Reboot Now to Reboot the System.

Solve Signature Verification Error

  • Open Recovery and navigate to Install Zip From sdcard.
  • Go to Toggle Signature Verification and press Power Button and see if it is disabled or not. Disable it and then Install the Zip without any Error.
  • Reboot your phone. It might take up to 5 minutes so once it’s booted, you will have OmniROM Android 5.0 Lollipop on your Galaxy S2.

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