Downlod Galaxy S6 AccuWeather Widget & Home Launcher

Who’s getting excited about the brand new Galaxy S6. It is really a good device, probably the best of the moment. It does not have only the best specs but also the software is improved so much to bring a better user experience. Galaxy S6 brings tons of features to make …

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Download & Install Galaxy S6 App Icons

Galaxy S6 app icons ported to other devices

Are you a Samsung freak who like to try the latest features announced by the Korean tech giant. Are you excited about the Galaxy S6. Do you want to make your old Android phone look like the brand new Galaxy S6. The first thing you have to do is to …

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Download Facebook Hello APK (Dialer App, Caller ID)

Facebook hello dialer app apk

Facebook has introduced his a second app in the world of communication. After the huge success of Messenger, Samsung intention now is to dominate the world with the Hello app. It is a dialer app that allow you to make and revive calls. It can also replace the stock dialer …

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How To Enable Call Recording On Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge

Record Call On galaxy S6

Samsung has implemented many features in the TouchWiz software of Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge but hasn’t enable them by default. On of the hidden features of Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge is call recording. It’s not enabled by default because in some countries isn’t legal to record a call. …

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Customize Galaxy S6 Notification Toggles & Quick Settings

Galaxy S6 toggles and quick settings

One of the best features of TouchWiz is the configurable group of toggles in the top of the notification bar. This is something that we have seen for many years in Samsung devices. It is an increasingly feature even in other Android devices but Samsung has been using it for …

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5 Easy Tips To Make Your Android Run Smoothly

Android root for better performance

Here are the best and easiest tips you can find around to boost your Android performance. You may have heard about many apps and other guides to tweak Android settings but all requires a little knowledge about Android system. The tips you are going to find below do not require anything expect …

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How To Root Galaxy S4 Without Tripping KNOX

Galaxy S4 Rooted without Tripping KNOX

The Android world is bigger and its community is growing day by day. Developers are amazing and they help us to solve our issues and get updated with the latest stuff. This time I found a useful guide from a developer named peppe130. It will help us to root the …

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