How To Disable Kids Mode In Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus Without PIN

Kids Mode

As the name says, Kids Mode is a feature of Samsung designed to make your phone safer when it’s in your kid’s hands. It will protect your child from accessing harmful content and also from accidentally deleting your files. There is a parental feature that allows you to set limits on your child’s usage and customize the available content. To …

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Download Galaxy S8 Keyboard APK

Galaxy S8 apps

Here you can download the Galaxy S8 keyboard app apk and install it on other Samsung devices. Galaxy S8 is the hottest device of the moment and this is not because it the latest phone of the Samsung’s S line. It comes with a redesigned body and also the TouchWiz firmware is improved along with the Samsungs apps. In this …

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Download Galaxy S8 Weather Widget for Other Android Devices

Galaxy S8 weather widget

In this article, we will walk through all the steps you need to go to install Galaxy S8 weather widget on other Samsung devices. Since it isn’t and apk file, we have compiled a quick and simple guide how to install it. Galaxy S8 is the hottest device at the moment. It comes with a plethora of improvements in both …

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How to Spy on Someone’s Snapchat – It’s Easier than You Think

There’s no denying that for the last few years Snapchat has managed to establish itself as one of the dominant leaders in the international instant messaging industry. While it’s true that it is far from being as prominent and popular as WhatsApp, it has definitively taken a significant place in our lives. Taking into account the most recent statistics, the …

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The Little Fox – The Cutest Android Game [Download APK]

The little fox 1

When you see a game called The Little Fox, you’ve probably already figured out that it won’t be some action-packed war game where you shoot and blow up everything in sight, but rather a cute and fun game involving a small fox in some way. This is exactly what this Android game is. But while it’s arguably the cutest game …

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Download Galaxy S8 ROM For Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge [Noble ROM]

Galaxy S6

The Galaxy S8 is now released worldwide and it’s available to buy at almost all the local shops. Even though it is such a great device with a plethora of features and optimisations, not everyone wants to buy it, especially if you recently have purchased a Galaxy S6 and S7 or maybe their edge variants. These devices may look old …

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Download TWRP Recovery For Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Nougat 7.0 Firmware

TWRP Galaxy S6 Nougat 7.0

Galaxy S6 SM-G920F and Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925F are updated to Android 7.0 Nougat. Samsung has released an OTA update for these devices. Once a new version of Android is announced, developers update their apps also to work on the newest version of Android. The same has happened with TWRP and now it supports Android 7.0 Nougat. If you want to …

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Download Galaxy S8 System Dump & Install Its Apps On Other Phones

Galaxy S8 Apps

After Galaxy S8 is released worldwide, developers who have already got one into their hands have released its system dump. The file you will find below is ported directly from the Galaxy S8 and it contains all its apps. It includes all apps, priv-app and media folders. Some of the apps are tested on other Samsung devices and they work …

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How To Choose Studio Monitors Based On Your Room Size

home monitor studios

Are you looking for a new set of studio monitors but you don’t know how to choose the best one? This is a common scenario of many people. If your daily work has nothing to do with speakers and anything related to them then you may not know a lot of information about them. There are different types of studio monitors …

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LG U+ Unveils LTE Tablet PC U+ Pad 8

LG uplus corp is a South Korean cellular carrier owned by LG Corporation. This company was formerly known as LG Telecom. LG U+ will unveil its LTE tablet PC  U+ Pad 8. The U+ Pad 8 comes with 2 GB RAM, 16 GB internal memory and a MediaTek MT8783 octa-core 1.3 GHz CPU. Other features of the device include Bluetooth 4.0, 5 mega-pixel …

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Before Buying Expensive Headphones Make Sure You Read This:

headphones 1

We do talk about headphones, we talk a lot and the price is the main thing that makes people wondering if these expensive headphones do really justify their price. Starting from a few bucks and going up to a few thousand dollars, the headphones now have become a big business since everyone has a smartphone. There are various possibilities you …

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