How To Unlock LG G3 Stylus Bootloader

unlock bootloader lg g3 stylus

Thanks to the amazing developer at the biggest Android forum XDA, you can find almost everything you need for your Android device. This time I wrote the guide to easily unlock bootloader on LG G3 Stylus. The procedure is not hard and no special requirements or knowledge is needed. LG …

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How To Fix “No APN Specified On Device” Issue

no APN specified on device fixes

A huge number of Android user are complaining about a strange issue on their devices, mostly happens after an update. A pop up message will appear saying  “No APN specified on device” and you can’t send or receive multimedia message MMS. If you are experiencing this issue it might be …

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Get Lollipop Easter Egg On KitKat & Jelly Bean

install lollipop easter egg on kitkat and jelly bean ROMs

Google is well-known to have a good sens of humor. It takes care for its customers and give them many possibilities and features. Users like to play with the phone, Google also. Since in Gingerbread Google has included an animation on the Android Operation system. It is known as Easter …

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How To Fix GPS Problems On Every AOSP & Stock ROMs

fix GPS issues on Aosp and stock ROMs

In today’s article we are going to share a simple trick to fix GPS problems on Android devices running a stock firmware or  a ROM based on AOSP. If you are experiencing problems with your GPS such as running slow, GPS is broken unexpectedly or any other kind of issue …

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How To Root Alcatel J320

root alcatel j320

Root your Alcatel One Touch J320 and enjoy the full power of your device. Rooting a phone allows you to install and run many useful apps, such as adblock or other applications that can remove pre-installed apps. If you root your Alcatel One Touch J320, you can make it even …

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