How To Install Galaxy S5 Toolbox On Any Android

Get Tolboox on every android

Galaxy S5 toolbox feature allows you to access you favourite and most utilize apps with a single tap. You can set a list with apps you use the most and access them through your home screen. You don’t have to go to app drawer any more to find those app. Simply …

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How To Fix Droid Turbo Display Problems During Calls

droid turbo call display problems

A Few Droid Turbo users are complaining about some display issues. The phone screen will not turn off or on regularly during phone calls. This phone is designed that the display will automatically turn off when the phone is being used to make a call and it is up by …

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Download Note 3 TravelService apk On Galaxy S3

Galaxy note 3 travelservice apk for galaxy s3

TravelService is a nice wallpaper you can set in lock screen and it will show random images of beautiful touristic places from all around the world. The appk you are going to find below is takes directly from Galaxy Note 3. It is tested only on Galaxy S3 jelly bean …

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How To Fix Titanium Backup Error Insufficientt Storage Space

Insufficent storage space error on titanium backup

Insufficient storage space is the most annoying problem that can happen on your device. It is related with Titanium backup application and its installation procedure. The error mostly happens when you had Titanium Backup on the previous version and doing a non-wipe install could stop the process of backup. Sometimes …

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