How to Use an Android Spy App Without Root

xnspy spy app

A large number of people in the world use Android devices and prefer them to iOS devices. The reason for this is that Android devices are more user-friendly and flexible with apps, unlike iOS devices. Somehow, there is a greater need to track Android devices for a number of reasons. Sometimes, employers want to track their employees, and at other …

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MultiROM For Xiaomi Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi 4 LTE – Download And Install Guide


MultiROM is a fantastic app which allows you to boot any Android ROM as well as other operating systems such as Ubuntu Touch, Plasma and so on. It has been available for a plethora of devices now but Xiaomi phones weren’t supported by this tool. The latest version of this tool now supports Xiaomi devices. So below you are going to …

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How to Ensure Your New Smartphone App Becomes a Success

Mobile apps

When designing a smartphone app, success is probably the only thing on your mind. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple game in the vein of Flappy Bird or Candy Crush or a fully-featured productivity app that promises to make everyone’s life easier—success should be what you’re aiming for. Sadly, it’s difficult trying to build a great smartphone app. But …

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Download Galaxy S8 Music App [APK]

Galaxy S8 Music App

Less than a month to go until Samsung unveils the new Galaxy S8. As any brand new device, it will bring a plethora of features and the apps will be also improved. Even thought the new beast in the Samsung’s S Line isn’t released yet, you can taste a few of its apps. We come across the Galaxy S8 Music …

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How To Fix Linage OS Status 7 Error Installation Aborted

lineage os status 7 installation aborted error

Ever since CyanogenMod announced its retirements, a new Custom ROM maker comes to life. LineageOS is the new platform that will provide custom ROMs based on latest version of Android. It is available for a plethora of devices and the list is growing day by day. The list of devices is growing faster and soon it will be the most …

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Make Sure Your Business App Excels With These Golden Rules

business apps

By now, most business owners should be aware of the advantages of creating an app for their company. Applications of any kind are a great way to entice people into getting to know your business, and it also gives you an opportunity to find out more about them. However, you need to get it right. Developing an app takes time, …

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Download Lineage 14.1 OS GAPPS (Google Apps) Android Nougat

Lineage OS Gapps

Download Google Apps (GAPPS) for Lineage OS Android Nougat. Ever since CyanogenMod announced its retirement, Lineage OS has become the most popular Custom ROM to provide Custom ROM based on Stock on Android but with plenty of customizations for a better performance. Android OS is developed and maintained by Google and hence it delivers all the Google apps such as …

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How To Install Ubuntu Linux on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Ubuntu on Galaxy Tab 10.1

UPDATE: This is for older Honeycomb, please do not try on ICS! (Will have an updated version soon!) Do you have by random a Galaxy Tab 10.1? Did you know that you can run Ubuntu OS side by side along with Android OS? Linux OS can run pretty smooth on Galaxy Tab 10.1. Galaxy Tab 10.1 is considered as the …

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Tips To Save Money While Buying The Latest Tech Gadgets

Xiaomi smartphone

Now, you know as well as we do that we’re going to find ourselves spending more than we’d like to on technology. And that’s completely fine because there’s never been more cool stuff to invest in than right now. However, all this technology does come at a cost and, well, there are other things we need to buy too, like rent, …

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5 Great Smartphone Accessories To Start Using Today

Bluetooth Speaker

Smartphones can really do it all for us, can’t they? The Deep Blue supercomputer beat Chess superstar Gary Kasparov back in 1997. It could calculate around two hundred separate chessboard positions in a single second and run at a figure of 11.38 GFLOPS. That FLOPS means a floating point operation per second. Well – if you think that’s power, and …

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