Download WhatsApp Plus 6.32D APK (Direct Link)

Download WhatsApp Plus 6.32D APK to your Android phone and experience a unique way of sending messaging on WhatsApp. As the name says WhatsApp plus is a new modified version of the stock WhatsApp we are used to see for a long time. The new app has a lot of modifications …

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Download Galaxy Note 4 TouchWiz Launcher Theme For Galaxy S5

Download and install Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Launcher to Samsung Galaxy S5. Galaxy Note 4 is the latest flagship device of Samsung. All galaxy devices are considering as the best phones comparing with other manufactures. Galaxy Note 4 the last phone that is announced by Samsung comes with lot of …

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How To Fix Galaxy Note 4 Heart Rate Monitor Not Working

samsung galaxy note 4 heart rate monitor problem

Galaxy Note 4 owners have reported an issue with the S Health app. More specifically the problem consists of Note 4 heart rate sensor not working. It seems to be a strange problem but there are numerous users who have reported the same issue: Samsung health not measuring heart rate. …

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How To Fix Auto Restart Problem On Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4 seems to be suffering from various issues but fortunately they can be easily fixed. We have written also how to fix Note 4 RAM Management problem and another article about Invalid IMEI and Bootloop. So if you ever faced these problems maybe you would like to check …

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Download Latest Starbucks App APK

Download Starbucks app apk and install it on your phone. Have you ever thought to have a coffee while you are working on a computer or watching TV? Starbuck is famous for their coffee not only in America but all around the world. Starbucks app is fantastic. It helps you get a cup …

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How To Sim Unlock HTC One Sprint, All Carriers

htc one sprint

To SIM unlock an HTC One Sprint version is quite hard and you need a lot of knowledge and of course patience to learn about how to do it. Sprint HTC SIM unlock helper might be useful but the procedure usually isn’t permanent. However, we have found a way to …

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How To Add Emoji Support To Sony Xperia Keyboards

emoji for android

Emojis are small pictures that represent an emotion, object or symbol. They are becoming quite popular on chats, especially among mobile users. It’s great to express your emotions using a small picture. It helps to make the conversation more emotional because the other person may not get your emotions just …

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