How To Fix LG G3 Slow Charging Problem

LG G3 slow charging

LG G3 users have reported an issue with their device. They are complaining that the phone doesn’t charge properly. It needs a long time, sometimes a couple of hours to charge completely. This is a bit strange because the LG G3 charger is 1.3A so it should charge the device …

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How To Root Galaxy S5 Without Triggering Knox

Samsung Knox

Samsung has implemented a new security feature on its devices. It’s called KNOX and according to Samsung it is very useful and protects the users. This can be good somehow but from another perspective, this feature simply act as a spier. It has a default value set 0x0 and if …

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How To Deactivate & Remove Galaxy S5 Demo Retail Mode

Probably, you have been on shopping malls and have seen all those brand new devices showing their features automatically. This is a software called Retail Mode and it is designed to show all the phone features all the time so the people can watch what the device offers. The software …

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How To Fix Galaxy S5 Insufficient Internal Memory Problem

A problem is reported recently by Galaxy S5 owners. When trying to download an app from Play Store the phone will not download and install it but instead, it will show a message saying “Insufficient Internal Memory”. That’s strange actually because the error will happen even when you have enough …

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How To Fix LG G3 Keyboard Lag

Are you an LG G3 user suffering from a keyboard lag? Are you constantly wondering how it is possible that a device like LG G3 is experiencing such problems? Let me say that you are not the only one who is experiencing a keyboard lag on LG G3. Fortunately, there is …

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How To Install Xperia Z2 Lock Screen To KitKat ROMs

Xperia Z2 Lock Screen

Every manufacturer releases their devices with a different version of Android. They get the source code of Android and modify it to bring their own version. They integrate their apps and other useful features into the system. Every version of Android is completely different from one device to another. Inbuild apps, …

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Improve Screen Colors & Contrast Quality On LG G3

In Android, there is always room for improvement. No matter how good can be a device, you still can tweak it and make somehow better. In our site you are going to find a plethora of tutorials about LG G3 like this one: Improve LG G3 camera quality or another …

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Download People Apps & AOSP Google Dialer On LG G3

Google Dialer and People app are designed to work only on devices that run stock vanilla Google Android version. There are several devices that run this version of Android such as Nexus devices, Motorola and Google Play Edition phones. Since we are talking about Android everything is possible. We have …

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Top Best LG G3 Quick Circle Application

Here is the list with top best LG G3 quick circle application. The quick circle apps are designed especially to use with quick circle case. Quick Circle case is a cool case for LG G3. It has circle-shaped cutout where you can do a lot of things depending on your installed apps. In …

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