The Most Interesting Facts About the Gaming Industry


The games industry is one of the most important in the world. People around the world value the industry and play games every day of their lives. Whether you simply love games or want to work in the industry, here are some facts that might interest you. More Money is Made from Gaming Than from Movies In terms of money …

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Essential Software That Every Start-Up Business Needs


With more and more new companies popping up in the past couple of years, it’s become essential to move a lot of the management and productivity into computers. There are many long-term cost saving factors involved, and the chance for human error in paper documents is too much of a risk for growing businesses. If you’re running a local business …

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How To Root And Install TWRP Recovery On Huawei Honor 8


Something that every Android user should do is to get root access. Some people have a misconception about root. They’re afraid of rooting your phone, but honestly the benefits of root are great. In this guide we will write how to root and install TWRP Custom Recovery on Huawei Honor 8. But before going into the guide root Honor 8 …

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How To Unlock Huawei Honor 8 Bootloader


In today’s article we will cover a step by step tutorial how to unlock bootloader on Huawei Honor 8. If you want to customize your device further than the manufacture allows you to do, then the first thing you should do is to unlock bootloader. So in this article we will focus how to unlock Huawei Honor 8 bootloader in …

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How To Get Back Google Now on Tap on Google Pixel and Pixel XL


In this article we are going to talk about h0w to get back Google Now on Tap on Google Pixel and Pixel XL. These devices come both with Android 7.1 Nougat which brings plethora of features. The best features of Pixel devices are all software related. Google Pixel and Pixel XL are the first devices to come with Android 7.1 …

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How to Record Audio Playing on Mac Computer


It’s just Apple and the way they are. Their computers don’t allow you to record the computer audio with any of the built-in apps. I’m pretty sure you have found yourself in a such situation. Your computer is playing an audio and you want to record it but the app you are using doesn’t allow you to do that. While …

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How To Transform Your Device Into a Google Pixel (Get all Pixel Features)


I’m pretty sure you have heard about the brand new smartphones announced recently by Google. Perhaps you have read any article or review talking about the features of Google Pixel and Pixel XL. Maybe you are an Android geek and have already pre-ordered a unit. There are plethora of people who have pre-ordered the brand new Pixel or Pixel XL. …

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Download Google’s Pixel Launcher APK (Wallpapers Included)


Google’s new smartphones, Pixel and Pixel XL are officially announced. These two new devices come with an exclusive of Android 7.1 Nougat. This new operating system that comes exclusively only for Pixel devices aims to get the maximum performance from the device and also it brings some new features not seen in any previous device. One of the best features …

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