Play Store Error 101 – What Is It & How To Fix

While you try download any app from Play Store you may experience different errors. One of the problems that occurs often is Error 101 and it doesn’t let you to download anything. It can be very annoying but fortunately it has a solution.

In this article you will learn what Play Store Error 101 is and how to fix it. This error happens to me while I was trying to download an app from Play Store. It was strange so I dig and found that Play Store Error 101 is related to your installed apps. You may have installed to many apps so there may be no space to install a new one.

The first thing you should when Play Store Error 101 occurs is to uninstall useless apps and clear Play Store cache and data. To do that go to Settings -> Applications -> All Apps and find Play Store. Click on it and then clear Play Store Data.

Play Store Error 101 fix


You should clear the cache also. To to that you can use any third-party app or simply by booting into Recovery and then clear the cache. Once you clear data and cache you will need to remove Google account and then sing in again.

Play Store Error 101 should be fixed now. Only reboot your phone and try to download any app. If you still can’t download make sure you have some free space. If the problem still exist then let me know in the comment section below. I will try to find something else to solve this issue.

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