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Play Store Error -24. What is it & How To Solve It

Play Store Error 24 is a common issue that occurs with the Play Store sometimes after flashing a ROM without wiping data or from an incomplete installation, a apk corruption or something like that.

Basically there is some app data left behind from a previos app installation. When trying to install an application Play Store sees the data and shows a -24 error because it don’t know what to do with it.

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Presumably you are rooted, because chances to happen this error are bigger in rooted devices. Performing the action below you are going to lose data for that app. You have lost it anyway because it wasn’t installed properly.

play store error -24

How To Fix Play Store Error -24 

  • Find and download a file manager with root acces.
  • Using file manager go to data/data
  • Find the package name of the app you want to install and getting this error.
  • If you don’t know tha package name you can find it online on Play Store, it’s in the URL.
  • Delete that folder.
  • That’s all.
  • Try installing the app againg. It will install properly now.

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If you have a unrooted device, try this:

Run this in adb:

adb shell rm -R -f /data/data/<packagename>

Replace “packagename” with the package name of your app. If you don’t know it, see above. If it doesn’t work the only option is to make a factory reset.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in comment section below, if not then give me a thanks comment.

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