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5 Must Have Smartphone Summer Accessories When Travelling


There is no better time than summer when you can really enjoy being at the beach, lake or poolside. Swimming, drinking cold drinks, playing and then watching the sunset with your lovely friends, what else do you need to have a great time. Maybe you are not the beach guy and wanna spend your time at your favorite campground with …

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Download LG G3 Home Launcher & Weather Widget

LG G3 Launcher and Weather Widget

Download and install the beautiful LG G3 launcher and weather widget on your Android device. LG G3 launcher is one of the most beautiful you can ever find around and another stronger point is that it is optimised for better performance, to run faster and without any lag. It has a simple user interface but it is beautiful and with …

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How To Remove And Prevent Auto Redirecting Sites On Android

When Auto Redirecting Ads appears on your Android device, browsing on internet especially in Chrome is really a headache. In many cases while you are trying to open a website on internet a pop-up window will appear and redirect you to another site. In most of the cases when your phone is affected by these malicious ads, you will be …

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How To Add A Website Shortcut To The Home Screen (Android &iOS)

In this article we are going to show you how to create a website shortcut on the home screen of your smartphone. You are going to find both guides for Android and iOS which are the most popular operating systems for smartphones. There are also some other smartphones powered by windows phone like Nokia Lumia devices but since we don’t …

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Ultimate Tricks To Increase Battery Lifetime On Android

When it comes to Android devices, battery is the biggest problem. It’s to hard to find any device with a battery that will last more than a couple of hours or just a whole day. You may have installed many mods to help your battery last longer, but they haven’t been succesful at all. It’s almost impossible to increase battery …

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Top 5 Reasons Your Android is Slowing Down & How to Speed It Back Up

Android is considered the best mobile operating system. It is based on Linux and as an open-source system it is easy customisable. Those who have a little more knowledge about Android and like to mess up with it knows very well that no other mobile operating system is like Android. It is the best. But none is perfect, even Android, …

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Check I/O – Input/Output Usage On Android With Iotop

Learn how to check Input/Output – I/O usage on Android. The term I/O – Input/Output is used to describe any operation or program in a device that transfer data to or from a device to a peripheral. Every transfer is an output from one device and input into another. Devices like mouses, keyboards or scanner are input-only device, and the …

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How To Set Multiple Timers & Stopwatch On Android Devices

Learn how to set multiple count down or count app timers on Android. Have you ever needed to have many timers on the same time. There are many cases when you need to have more than a timer. It happens to do different things on the same time but all those thing need the exact time to finish. Sometimes it needed …

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