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How To Fix Galaxy S6 Keyboard Lag Issue

Galaxy s keyboard

Galaxy S6 remains a good device in the Android world but having good specs like 3 GB RAM, a huge and fast processor doesn’t mean that it won’t face issues. The common problem with Android devices is battery life but we haven’t seen anyone until now to complain about battery …

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How To Check If LG G4 Is Affected By Touchscreen Issues

Fix LG G4 Touchscreen problems

LG G4 is already released and the first problems are noticed. Plenty of users have reported touchscreen issues. It’s a pity to see a device like LG G4 to suffer from this nasty issues. Nowadays the screen is the main part of the smartphone and if it doesn’t work correctly, the phone …

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How To Prevent & Fix Sony Xperia Z4 Overheating Issue

It’s a fact now that Android devices which use a Snapdragon 810 chipset suffer from overheating issue. HTC One M9 users were the first that reported the overheating issue on their phones. After the HTC One M9 many Sony Xperia Z4 users are complaining about the overheating problem on their devices. …

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How To Fix HTC One M9 Overheating Issue

As rumours says the Snapdragon 810 chipset suffers from overheating issue and the HTC One M9 users were the first that have reported this problem. According to HTC’s Communication Manger the HTC One M9 wasn’t running the finalized software. He explains that an update will come soon and it will …

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How To Fix Play Store “No Connection – Retry” Error

Fix Play Store No Connection - Retry

“No Connection – Retry” message is displayed when you try to access Google Play Store in a device without internet connection. This sounds normal but you are not here because this error is displayed on your device that is not connected to internet. What is annoying is the fact that …

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How To Fix Nexus 5 Microphone Issues (Low Volume)

Microphone issues are being reported everyday by Nexus 5 users. The most common problem is Low Volume issue. It’s strange how could a device like Nexus 5 experience such problems. Nexus 5 is the best device ever created by Google. When it comes to custom support, it also can be …

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How To Fix Half Storage Available On Nexus Devices

Half storage available is a problem happening to many Nexus devices, like Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and more. The reasons why this problem happen are still unknown. What we know until now is that the phone shows half of available storage. So if you have a device with …

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How To Fix Android.process.acore Has Stopped on Every Android Device

Android.process.acore has stopped is a problem that happens often in many devices. It is an annoying problem. A pop-up window will appear on your screen saying “android.process.score has stopped”. This is the most annoying issue we have seen until now. Like any problem in Android devices, even “android.process.acore has stopped” …

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How To Fix Nexus 5 Camera Issue – Not Focusing & Lag

Google Nexus 5 is experiencing a strange problem, the camera app doesn’t work as normally. Sometimes it lags and not focus. The app start slowly, taking photos is slowly and sometimes it even doesn’t focus. This problem is reported worldwide so we can’t say that is located in a particular …

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How To Fix LG G2 Stuck In Custom Recovery (TWRP)

Here is a short guide to fix LG G2 stuck in custom Recovery. The LG G2 stuck in Recovery after you install it and then try to take the update. Your phone can’t boot normally, you see only the TWRP Logo. Don’t worry! This can e easily fixed. Thanks to …

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