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Download Galaxy S8 Keyboard APK

Galaxy S8 apps

Here you can download the Galaxy S8 keyboard app apk and install it on other Samsung devices. Galaxy S8 is the hottest device of the moment and this is not because it the latest phone of the Samsung’s S line. It comes with a redesigned body and also the TouchWiz firmware is improved along with the Samsungs apps. In this …

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[APK] Download Galaxy S7 Keyboard App

Galaxy S7 keyboard

This year Samsung unveiled Galaxy S7 at MWC. As we are used to seeing the brand new Galaxy device has really good specs and it comes with a lot of improvements both in hardware and software. As soon as the new device was released a huge number of people pre-ordered it but not anyone can afford to but it because …

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Download Galaxy S6 Keyboard APK On Any Android Device

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is such a popular device. More and more people are purchasing it but there are also plenty of other people who don’t really like to buy it but instead try its app on other Galaxy devices. In this post, you will find a link to download Galaxy S6 Keyboard apk and how to install it. Galaxy …

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Install The HTC One M9 Keyboard App (Download apk)

Are you a fan of sense 7 presented on the HTC One M9. Would you like to download and enjoy the HTC One M9 keyboard app on your phone. It is improved for better performance and brings tons of optimisations to make your life easier. HTC has done a good job with the Sense 7 since the new HTC One …

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Install LG G3 Smart Keyboard ( Download APK)

LG G3 smart keyboard ported to every android device

Download and install LG G3 Smart Keyboard on any Android device. It is really smart keyboard because it learn from your typing habits and makes you feel comfortable. What makes the LG G3 keyboard different from others is it intuitive nature and as it growth by collecting observations to give you the best interpretation while typing. LG G3 is considered …

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[APK] Download Xperia Z3 Keyboard App

In today’s article we gonna talk about a new ported app. As usually once a new device is released developers start porting the best apps. Keyboard is the most searched app and so it’s one of the first that is ported. This time we are talking about Xperia Z3 keyboard. Sony has done a good job in improving the apps …

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