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Download Galaxy S8 Weather Widget for Other Android Devices

Galaxy S8 weather widget

In this article, we will walk through all the steps you need to go to install Galaxy S8 weather widget on other Samsung devices. Since it isn’t and apk file, we have compiled a quick and simple guide how to install it. Galaxy S8 is the hottest device at the moment. It comes with a plethora of improvements in both …

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Download Galaxy S7 Edge Weather Widget

Galaxy S7 weather widget

Hey Droiders! Another Galaxy S7 application is ported. Developers are doing a good job porting the apps of newest devices. This means that all we can enjoy the latest stuff without needed to upgrade the device. In this article you gonna find Galaxy S7 Weather Widget. After a successful port of Galaxy S7 Keyboard, S7 Camera and Gallery app and …

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Download LG G3 Home Launcher & Weather Widget

LG G3 Launcher and Weather Widget

Download and install the beautiful LG G3 launcher and weather widget on your Android device. LG G3 launcher is one of the most beautiful you can ever find around and another stronger point is that it is optimised for better performance, to run faster and without any lag. It has a simple user interface but it is beautiful and with …

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Download Xperia Z3 Home Launcher, Apps & Weather Widget

Xperia Z3 Home Launcher, System apps and Widgets

Download Sony Xperia Z3 System Apps, Home Launcher and Widgets on your Android device. Sony’s flagship device of the year brings tons of customizations to its users. It has a brand new Launcher theme and improved system apps, which can be installed on other Xperia devices. Once a new device is released Android enthusiastic want to try it, but no …

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Install HTC BlinkFeed & Weather Widget On Any Android Device

BlinkFeed for all Android devices

BlinkFeed is the attempt of HTC to do something really cool with the home screen of Android devices. It aims to move away from the traditional home screen and brings something unique for HTC One and other models. The idea to make your phone screen to look much better than then the old home screens seems to be liked by …

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Download Galaxy S5 Lollipop Launcher & Apps On Galaxy S4

The intention of¬†writing this post is to bring back to Galaxy S4 what Samsung has left behind with the Lollipop update. Both devices Galaxy S4 and S5 received a Lollipop update but in the S4 it looks like Samsung has released an update but not with all the featured apps. This is not a good thing from Samsung which have …

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Download Galaxy Note Edge Launcher & Weather Widget On Galaxy S4

Note 4 lollipop launcher

Galaxy S4 users can now enjoy the Note 4 launcher and weather widget. We have to admit that Lollipop version of the Galaxy Note 4 Edge come with a featured user interface which makes it look better than the previous devices that have received a lollipop update like Galaxy S4 and even S5. Despite the fact that Samsung released a …

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Download & Install Galaxy Note 4 Accuweather Widget

In today’s article we gonna share a new app, the weather widget of Galaxy Note 4 that is ported directly from its system dump. You can install the Note 4 weather widget in every device you want. Note 4 is a good phone, comparing with the previous devices of Samsung it has a lot of improvements. The Touchwiz is also …

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