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Get Genymotion With Play Store, SuperSu and Xposed (Fully Working)

Genymotion Android emulator

  Genymotion is a very popular Android emulator. Not only users but also developers use it a lot. In today’s article we are going to learn how to easily install Play Store, SuperSu and Xposed on Genymotion. I come across this solution after looking several videos and reading numerous tutorials but actually all of them are outdated. After some hours …

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Xposed Framework Galaxy S6 Touchwiz Marshmallow – Download and Install

Galaxy S6 Xposed TouchWiz Marshmallow

The latest smartphones are already updated to Android Marshmallow. So the developers are working to make their apps compatible with the new version of Android. Wanam the developer of Xposed did the same thing. He updated the framework to work perfectly on Android Marshmallow. Now Xposed supports also TouchWiz version of Marshmallow, which means that you can install it on …

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Download Xposed Framework For Galaxy Note 5

Xposed Framework for Galaxy Note 5

Xposed Framework made its way to Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It is the latest device released by Samsung and it’s the most powerful phone of the moment. It is powered by Android 5.1.1 lollipop which seems to be improved to run smoother than the previous versions of Samsung’s TouchWiz. Despite the fact that Galaxy Note 5 is an awesome device …

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Install Gravity Box Xposed Module On Android Lollipop (Download Link)

Gravity Box Xposed Module available for Lollipop devices

Gravity Box has landed on Android Lollipop devices. Now you can install it on your phone and begin customizing your settings. Gravity Box is the most wanted Xposed Module due to the fact it allows you customizing your device deeper than the manufacture want you to do. First of all we have to thanks rovo89 for its awesome work with Xposed Framework. …

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How To Set Up Multiple Users On CyanogenMod 11 & Other Phones

Multiple user is a feature first introduced on Android 4.2 and it was available only for tablets on that time. It allows you to create multiple accounts to be used on an Android device. This feature keep apps and personal data separate so each user has its own files and apps. This is a unique experience and switching between users …

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How To Install Xposed Framework On Lollipop ROMs (Download Link)

Xposed framework for lollipop roms

Xposed Framework finally made its own way to Lollipop ROMs. We have heard a lot of rumours about Xposed Framework and if it will be available to Lollipop since Lollipop has a different system runtime from the previous android versions so Xposed must be updated support it. Lollipop brings so many changes and lot of people love it but in …

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