TapMe – The Most Addictive Android Tap Game (Download Link)

Have you ever wanted something really crazy to spend time with, trying to beat not only your score, but also can share it with your friends to see how fast you can be when it come to tap a touch screen.

Try TapMe the most addictive tap game and you will never stop playing. TapMe is a simple game where you have to Tap a button 100 times and check the time you needed to do that.

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The concept of the game is simple. You have to do only one thing and than to share the score. So if you want to spend your time with something that really can make you happy, try TapMe.

TapMe addictive android game

There are many tap games available on Play Store but no one is more addictive than this one. According to the developer of this game, it is in early stages, so if you want, you can participate and give your own idea how to make this game even better and more addictive. Just feel free to post in comment section below.

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For now we have to enjoy the game, and wait for other levels and features added to the game. The developer says that new levels will come soon. So for now we have only to enjoy. Give it a try and share our score with us. download TapMe game here.

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