Easy Tips To Download Paid Android Apps For Free

Do you love apps? Well everyone do love apps especially when they are free. The safest and easiest way to get Android apps is Play Store but what if your favourite app is not free. There are several ways to get paid Android apps for free and we are sharing some of them in this article. If you do not like any kind of piracy and prefer to keep your phone safe then to download paid apps for free on Android you should follow our recommended tips below.

Google Play Surveys

Google Play surveys is a good way to earn Play Store credit in exchange for answering few surveys. As much surveys you answer more credit you will earn. This is Google’s own program for rewarding people who take part on these surveys because it want information about you, your habits and the country you live.

google opinions rewards

To take part in Google Play Surveys you will need to install Google Opinion Rewards app from Play Store. Open the app and begin answering surveys to collect the first credits. Unfortunately you can answer only one survey a week and not always you get paid. But in most of the cases you get more than a dollar per survey and it’s not bad for a few minutes spended. Also there is another app called Get Paid Apps Free, it allows you to watch short videos or download some apps and in exchange you get credit that can be used to buy apps in Play Store.

Free app of the week


Google has decided to do something good for human kind. It gives a new free app each week. You may have not heard about this because Google hadn’t promoted it very well. It might be still in a testing stage but it doesn’t really matter. What’s important to us is that it really work and we get an app for free each week. One app a week is better than nothing.

google play free app of the week

To get Google Play free app of the week, you will have to find it through the New Family section. There is a free app banner there. You can’t see what app is until the install pop up box appear. You will see only the icon and the name and not the summary. However you can give it a try, it doesn’t cost anything just a few MB of your internet package.

Google Play return policy

Google Play return policy allows you to test an app before paying for it. It’s a good choice if you don’t want to spend a penny for an app that in the end it might not like to you. When you pay for an app you have two hours to test it before you get stuck in the purchase. It might not be long time but it’s enough to test the app or the game and then decide if it worth paying for it or not.

google play return policy

Amazon AppStore

The Amazon Appstore seem to have been forgotten and all the people are using Play Store when it comes to download Android Apps. Doing so they have also forgotten a great thing about Amazon, it offers a free app every day to get people attention but it looks difficult because almost everyone prefer to use Google Play Store rather than Amazon Appstore.


To get the free app of the day simply go to the Amazon Appstore online and you will see the app listed on the top. To get a paid app for free every day you can download Amazon App Store from the official site because you can’t download it from Play Store anymore. Install the app and then login in to Amazon account, if you don’t have any already you can open a new one. It’s easy and free.

Discounted Apps

It can happen that different apps are discounted so much so you can take them almost for free. App of the day is a great app and offers a free or a discounted app every day. Remember that those apps are for a limited time. Unfortunately this app is not available to all countries but you can find another related to this app based on your location. There are many other apps that show you the free apps or offers to download on test some other apps to get credits for downloading paid apps.

get android paid apps for free


Download apk

If you are looking for a specific app and you can’t get it for free that you can try to download the apk file but this might be risky. The other person who have made the apk file available for you to download may have modified the apk and app permissions so it can access various thing on your device without your notice. Always make sure to check app permission before installing it. If you look something suspicious it’s better not to install if it don’t come from a trusted source. However  if you want to download the apk of any app you can do it by following the guide below:

  • Head over to play store and find the app you want to download.
  • Open description and check it’s version number.
  • Now go to Google.com and type the name of the app including the version number with the apk extension in the end, for example:

Myfavouriteapp v1.1.3 apk

  • In most of the cases you will see various sites that offers a mirror link to download the apk.
  • Download the apk file but to install it you need to enable Unknown Sources under Settings.
  • Once you enable that go to File Manager > Download folder and find the apk of the file you downloaded.
  • Install the apk file and you are done.

Now open app drawer and find the app you downloaded. Open the app and don’t forget to enjoy it.

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