Top 10 Funny Apps & Games For Android You Don’t Want To Miss

People say laughter is good for the body and soul and we totally agree with that notion. Laughing can’t change anything in your life, but sometimes it can make you forget all the problems you have, and for a few moments you can be happy.

Nowadays simply by having a smartphone, we can do various things. There is an app for almost everything. But besides music downloader apps or other mainstream programs we use daily, you should install some apps to make you laugh and forget all the daily stress.

There is a range of pages online where you can find funny stuff, but have you ever thought to have an Android app that will make you laugh every time you open it. If you wanna install a cool and funny app then the list of you are going to find below will do it for you. So if you want to spend sometimes laughing, your Android phone can help you with that. Take a look to the list below and you will find some awesome apps.

On the top of the list is 9GAG. It offers a huge number of funny images like memes and a big collection of videos also. It’s the ideal app if you want to watch something really funny. There ar a plethora of non-funny things also, like cosplay and cute stuff as well so you can get your quota of furry kittens and comic stars. The app can be downloaded from Play Store and it’s easy to use. It allows you to share or even participate in voting your favourite.


9Gag Android app

2-Finger-Lie Detector. It’s a nice app and will serve as a lie-detector. Ask someone to put the finger on the phone and make him a question. The app will determine if the answer is true or false. This app is good for parents to ask their children about school marks. This app can be awesome but don’t take so serious it’s answers. You can ask whatever you want and who you want but always remember that such apps like this are created to raise your mood. You can download Finger-lie Detector here free.


Finger lie detector Android app

3- theCHIVE. It’s a humor site that post stories, pictures, videos and much more. The Android app has a simple interface where you can easily find lot of funny things. The app has recently received an update that allows people to submit more humorous things to be used by site as well as a navigation menu to quickly get to categories, favourites and other parts of the site. With a simple interface which is very clean making you easily to find many things that will increase a little your mood, theCHIVE is a app that every Android user must install. Download theCHIVE free here.


theChive Android app

4-Optical Illusions. It’s the perfect app for those who adore puzzles and mystery. There are people that spend couple of hours looking at the screen and getting different images from one picture. There is a huge number of pictures that will keep you busy for a long time we ensure you. So if you like to be amazed by optical illusion photos download Optical Illusions here free.


opticall illusion android app

5-Funny Facts Free 800. This application is essentially what the name says. It’s a bunch of funny and weird entertaining facts. The app does not have the shock value or immediacy of app like 9GAG but it have some entertaining fact that probably you have never heard before. The interface is so simple and the app is totally free. The app has also a feature to read you those facts if you don’t want to read them but to listen, which sometime can be more efficient and funny than reading. Download Funny Facts Free 8000 free here.


Funny Facts android app

6-Doodle Jump. It’s a game where you help a jumping bug to reach on top. You can do that by moving your device vertically or horizontally and trying to avoid bad insects. It’s and addictive game and once you play once we ensure you that you will not stop playing for a couple of hours. App interface is very nice and remarkable for the simplicity and clearance at the same time. Download Doodle Jump here free.


doodle jump

7-Cheezburger. It’s one of the most popular worldwide funny apps that boasts more than 10 millions views a month. The apps offers you a simple interface to browse between different images, videos, jokes and many funny things. The beauty of the app is that it allows you to create posts  and share it with others. Just sing in using an email or even from Facebook and than start posting. Download Cheezburger for free here.


Cheezburger android app

8-Cat Sounds. Do you love cats? Cats sounds is the best app for all cat admires. Owners of a cat will definitely enjoy it. The app is very simple to use. Just press buttons and hear different meows. This app is an awesome and can be used to amuse children or even neighbors. You can download Cat Sounds here free.

cat sounds android app


9-Food Battle. It’s a tap and play cutesy game for Android. In this game you have to kill different donuts that have taken your friends and family hostage. The game features simple controls, puzzles and characters voiced by Smosh.


food battle android app

10-Surgeon Simulator. This is a simulation app that is simply hilarious. In this game you have a doctor role who has no intention to save its patients. You have to chances to play, as a dentist or as a ER surgeon where you will destroy slowly the lives of the foolish people who put their life under your care. This app can be downloaded from Play Store.


surgeon simulator

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