Top 5 Reasons Your Android is Slowing Down & How to Speed It Back Up

Android is considered the best mobile operating system. It is based on Linux and as an open-source system it is easy customisable. Those who have a little more knowledge about Android and like to mess up with it knows very well that no other mobile operating system is like Android. It is the best.

But none is perfect, even Android, sometimes it lags. This mean it slow down so much and you will not be able to work on it. Sometimes Junk files build up, storage space disappears and before k ow it, it takes about 30 seconds just to send a simple message even with only one word.

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So do you won’t to know why your Android is lagging and how to speed it up. Keep reading. Below you will find top 5 reason that slow your Android and how to fix them and make your Android faster.


This is the most common reason why your Android device slow down, lags. Widgets are one of the greatest part of an Android device. If you are using more that 3 widgets on your home screen, try deleting few of them and see if it makes any difference. A good thing you can do is to remove all the widgets and then add widgets back one by one until you notice a problem.

How to Fix it and Speed it Back Up

Remove performance-draining widgets and reduce the number of widgets on your home screen. The problem in most common cases happen when you use a third-party launcher. It has to render the UI of the widget every time it’s shown to you. This can overload the RAM and the CPU of your phone.

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  • Running to Many Apps in Background

If your Android device suddenly slow down than probably you have to much apps running on background. Android is smart when it comes to deal with multiple apps running simultaneously. But however if you remove apps running on background, you will get an extra load.

How to Fix it and Speed it Back Up

A permanent solution is to remove all apps that are currently running on background. So you will have more RAM free space and your phone will work faster. Also there are apps like Greenify which requires root access. This app locks apps that are running on background, when you don’t need them.

  • Your Phone is Running Out of Storage Space

If your device become slow the first thing you have to check is available storage space. The apps you have installed over the time can quickly take their toll. There are not only the apps but the additional information that comes with those apps. You can check your device storage by going to Settings > Storage. If the available free space is less than 20% your device has more chances to lag.

How to Fix it and Speed it Back Up

That’s easy. Just make some space. Here are some solutions how to do that:

Go to Application Manager and uninstall those apps you don’t use anymore. Then clear cache data and user data from those apps you don’t want to uninstall.

Remove the larger files like music, videos that are taking to much space.

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  • You Are Not Using the Best Animation Settings

Third party launchers canes with their own animation settings which lets you control how fast windows open and how they look when opened. Changing these animations can improve the device speed

How to fix it

Open your launcher settings and check for animations settings. You can choose to use a relaxed, stock, fast, or “faster than light” setting.

  • You Haven’t Restarted Your Device For a While

Restarting your Android can provide valuable peace of mind – but that’s about it. Restarting clears out a few temporary app caches and can solve minor app problems. But most problems will persist after you restart. Still, it’s worth a try.

How to Speed It Back Up

Hold down your power button and press Restart.

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