Top Best Android 5.0 Lollipop Features. Why You Should Install It

Android 5.0 Lollipop is absolutely a full pack of features and optimizations. Long time ago when Google introduced Lollipop, it feels like something special. Only now when Lollipop update is rolling out on some devices like Nexus or Motorola device. Some others are receiving it unofficially with custom builds, but even in this way you can try the real power of  ‘Lollipop’.

This update is one of the biggest in Google history and introduces huge of changes, tweaks and optimization. Below you are going to learn best features of Lollipop and that’s why you should install it on your phone. You may be sceptic about it because Lollipop is in the first step but after reading this post I am sure you will change your mind and would like to install it on your phone. So let’s go ahead and see what Android Lollipop bring to us.

Material Design

This is the big one. The first thing you will notice when you load Lollipop on your device running on stock Android. Material Design is the name of the featured design language. It’s awesome like you can see in the picture below and it’s available for Android devices. It looks great and what’s important, it isn’t exclusive to Android.


Project Volta

This is new initiative for improving battery life. It runs deep inside of Lollipop system. Battery life is a biggest problem affecting smart phones nowadays. Using API like ‘Job scheduler’ Volta makes you device smarter about how it performs certain tasks, and what your phone does when it’s not active.

lollipop project volta

When Android L developer preview was installed on Nexus 5 makes this phone to run two hours than usually. There are made also other test on devices running Lollipop as a daily driver and really you can feel the difference. This is perhaps the best feature inside Lollipop, an extra two hours or even more make all the problems go away.

Improved Notification

Notifications look different on Android Lollipop, but it’s not only just a change on how they looks. Interacting with alerts from email, accessing your updates, or social feed has never felt more intuitive. Android Lollipop also brings notifications to lock screen so you can interact with them easily, even without unlocking your phone.


If you don’t want notifications to appear on lock screen, Lollipop is so smart and has a solution for that to. You can make a list of private notifications you don’t want to appear on the lock screen. Inside Notifications-proper, you can view messages, reply and set mute options for certain messages.


Overview is the name given to multitasking. In overview everything is well organised in stacks of cards and it gives you access to lots more in one setting than the previous version. With a Material Design Inspired facelift and with task well organised, overview is something cool and more useful than before. Another best feature of Lollipop is the ability to create multiple cards, so if you are talking to one person let’s say in WhatsApp and you also you have another conversation on go, you can switch between the two in overview.


New NFC Tricks

Once you sing in, Android Lollipop will re-download all the application you are currently using. But if you want to bring content from your old Android to a newer model there is another way: NFC. This new feature is called tap and go and it works by tapping two handsets together. Once you do this, a link is initiated and the content of the old phone will begin transferring to new phone. We have tested it and works perfect, but it didn’t switch the passwords across for obvious reasons.


ART-like Performance

The previous Android versions used the Dalvik engine to run third-party applications. But in Android Lollipop Google has switched over to ART. It’s a complex procedure so we won’t get into details but the basic premise is that the applications have a large install footprint and they operate in “always ready” mode. So now when you select the application it will open faster than it would with the old method.Google says that ART is 4x faster than Dalvik and it will improve the performance of any device it runs on.

art lollipop android performance

Pin Apps

Pin apps mode is a simple and very useful addition to Android Lollipop that let’s you to add a little more security to your phone. So if your family or friends ask you to borrow your phone, you don’t have to worry anymore if they will see your pictures, read your messages. With Pin apps mode you are safe. Below is an example how it works.

how to pin in lollipop

If someone asks to make a phone call from your device, before giving the phone to the other person tap the pin on the application in Overview. Once you do this the phone is locked only in that app. So if the person want to go elsewhere, he will need a pass code.

Priority Mode

Priority Mode is the same like iOS “Do Not Disturb” feature. It let’s you to setup an environment on your phone where certain notification will be seven when you are busy. It’s a method when you choose what notification you will receive, because you don’t want to be disturbed by Farmville request while you may be in a meeting.


When you set up Priority Mode, Android asks you which application you’d like to allow to send notification. You can set a timer for a mode to. This is awesome so when you are in a meeting you can set timer 1or 2 hour depending on the meeting. Once the time is over it will revert back to normal.

So what do you think after you read all this information about Android Lollipop features. Let me know your opinion about Lollipop. Does it worth to install on an Android device.

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