Top Tricks To Make Cool Photos With Your Old Android Device

Do you want to make cool photos with your device but you think it is to old? What if I can say that you are completely wrong. Your device might be a bit older but it still can make good photos if you get in mind our tips. It’s not hard at all! Your smartphone may have not the latest camera sensor but this doesn’t mean that it can’t make good pictures. To do it you have to understand more your device and break the comfort zone known as Auto Mode.

Stop Using Digital Zoom

Digital Zoom can destroy your photos. Sometimes we confuse Optical Zoom with Digital Zoom. These are two different kinds of zooms. The first zoom is the right one you have to use to make good photos. It means that the camera lens protrudes out of your phone and the quality of the image is good because the zoom procces is made by the camera lens and not by the device.

optical zoom the trick to make good photos with your smartphone

You may have heard lot of people saying “We will zoom the photo after taking it”. Actually you can dot it but it’s not recommended because it will destroy the quality of photos. Digital zoom will only zoom the photo you have already taken and more you zoom it more the quality of the pictures is lost. So stop using digital zoom and start making good photos with your old device.

Take a Look At Your Camera Software

This might seem like a bit weird but your smartphone can do more than you think. You will be surprised what your device can do if you go into a bit deeper than just like basic operations. You may be familiar with your device but when it comes to camera maybe you have used just the normal actions like switching the camera from photo to video, turning on the flash and so on.

Scene Mode

Well, probably you have heard and seen the scene modes on your device, or HDR and panorama or other features like this. They are very helpful to make cool photos especially when you have an old device. So start playing with this features to understand more your phone and start making cool photos.

Avoid Flash – Use Original Light

Flash light is good when the natural light is missing but we have seen people using it even when there is enough natural light. When you don’t use flash light the pictures will look more like natural and original, this is something we all want just to make the pictures look more like natural.

Android flashlight vs natural light

On every smartphone the LED light or as we are used to say the flash light is located very close to the camera sensor. When you use it, it can have a glaring effect on the pictures you take. You have to use the flash only in those cases when the natural light is missing. Even when it’s not quite enough just increase the Exposure Value (EV) and ISO on your camera. But remember if you increase ISO it will increase the graininess or “noise” in the photos.

Learn How To Use And See The Light


If you wanna make some impressive pictures than you will need a good light and of course best moments and views. But now we are focusing in the light to increase the quality of the picture. But what does a good light actually mean?

It means that the natural light is good enough to give a scene shape, depth and make it look like professional and interesting. In general when you take pictures with artificial light, not flash light but also any other kind of artificial light can not make good pictures and they won’t look like natural.

Light pictures

Good natural light is very important especially for mobile phones because it can make the picture more interesting than another picture that is taken in artificial light. So if you want to shot photos that will remain a pearl than you have to find the proper combination of light.

Don’t Forget To Use HDR Mode

HDR Mode is a good way to capture photo of stationary objects as long your hands can resist without moving. High Dynamic Range known as HDR make sure that the lighting and shadows are completely exposed. This is needed especially in photos with good contrasts.

HDR Mode

What HDR Mode does is that it takes two or more pictures with different exposures and then combines the best brightest bits of these photos into one photo.

The Rule Of Thirds

This is the simplest and one of the most important rule in photography. The whole idea of this rule is that people eyes are attracted more to images that are divided into thirds and the subject of the photo is of centre. So until now I think you get it.

Rule of thirds

To make it easier for people to get photo like this, most of the smartphones let you use a grid of two horizontal and vertical lines when taking a picture. To be good the subject of the photo need to be at one of the four intersections of the lines so it will be more visible for people eyes. Go for it and start making your pictures more attractive.





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