Use Your Computer To Bring Out Your Creative Side

Yes, it’s no secret that the computer is capable of some pretty terrific things.

Cat videos? Sign us up. Arguing with complete strangers over the artistic merits of Lost, the television show? We’re there. Old school games like solitaire and the like?

You know that’s our jam.

However, that’s not all that computer technology is used for. There’s also some people out there who are using their computer to be creative.

And you know what?

You can do it too, probably using the software that you already have on your computer.

Making Films

You don’t have to be the next Steven Spielberg to pick up a camera and create your own mini film. If you have an mobile phone, the latest the better, you’re carrying around a camera that is capable of shooting beautiful videos, and if you have a computer you can easily edit your film into a mini masterpiece.

Ok, maybe ‘mini masterpiece’ isn’t quite what your video will be, but that doesn’t matter. There are numerous applications packed with enough features that you can always edit your footage into something worth watching, and in any case it’s all about the process of creating the video anyway – save the pressure of creating something good for when Hollywood come calling!

designing computer

Creating Art

If you’re of a visually creative bent, then the computer was made with you in mind. You just might not know it yet. If you don’t know how to use creative pathways on Adobe photoshop, or how to create layers, then you might be missing out on one of your hidden talents. Computers make it really straightforward for artistic types to bring their vision to the screen. You can start out doing it just for fun – design yourself a birthday poster in photoshop and you’ll soon see just how enjoyable it is to use your technical skills to create something artistic. From there? Well, the sky’s the limit if you’re talented!

As a Writer

There’s a romantic notion that says any serious writer should be locked away with nothing but a typewriter and a few packs of cigarettes, but anyone who thinks that hasn’t really tried writing before. At the basest of levels, computers are perfect for writing.

There’s also plenty of really helpful applications you can install to keep your writing on track and as good as possible. One of the best ones is Hemingway App, which “marks” your writing against the standards set by Ernest Hemingway, who was known for his clear and succinct prose. Get a tick from the Hemingway App and it’s like getting a tick from the big man himself.

Making Music

If you’ve been listening to the radio over the past few years, you’ve been listening to music made on a computer. Whether you’re a beginner musician or a pro, there’s a whole host of applications out there that will help drive your creativity and produce the best possible sound in the process. Music purists think it’s a cheaters way to create good music, but pay no attention – you have to have talent to make music so good, even on a computer.

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