Use Facebook Messages Without Messenger – No Root (Facebook Chat Re- Enabler)

We have seen messenger for a long time available to download. It cancan be considered a useful app for those who use Facebook as the primary messenger. Messenger is good because you can send a message without interrupting your work. When  you receive a message a circle will appear on your screen with the profile picture of the person who send you the message. You can tap on that circle and respond to the message.

For those who talk a lot on Facebook, messenger is a good choice. Before few days you can access your Facebook messages even without messenger, but now you can’t. The only way to talk on Facebook is to have messenger installed. This is somewhat annoying because there are people who don’t prefer to receive a notification when a message come. The official Facebook app is also very useful when it comes to send Facebook message.

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Latest rumours tell that Facebook will update the official app and the messages will be no longer there. So if you want to see your messages you have to install messenger. In this way Facebook obliges its users to download messenger. The update hadn’t released yet, but soon it will come. Even now we can’t send message from the official appd but at least we can see who send it.


Facebook user are very disappointed, but Facebook “don’t care” what users think. He continued with the plan. So we don’t have other choice we have to accept it. But until the update come there is  way you can send message again from your Facebook app without needing a messenger. How long the technology exists, the solution for all your problem will also exists. In this article you are going to find an awesome app which allow you to send Facebook messages without needing a messenger.

A XDA developer managed to create an app and named it Facebook Chat Re- Enabler. It is only an enabler and don,t need any execute from the system. It means you have to install it once and then it will do the work by itself. Your phone also don’t need to be rooted. The tool can be installed only in Android devices running Android 2.3 and higher including the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop.

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  • Don’t need to execute on system.
  • No battery drain.
  • No Ram usage.
  • No messenger needed to send Facebook messages.
  • Before installing the apk file make sure to uninstall messenger. After installing the file, no icon will show within your other apps. Now you can send messages from the Facebook app. Download the app here.

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