10 Must-Have GoPro Accessories for Travel

Traveling is all about creating memories and keeping them. Regardless of where you travel to, you can always capture the moments as they are with a GoPro camera.

It’s what you need to take your video or photo-taking skills to the next level. Once you have your ideal GoPro, the next thing is to get its perfect accompaniments.

While the GoPro is a quality camera, it gives the best results when used with its accessories. The accessories make the shooting simple and enjoyable.

Here are 10 options that should make it in your GoPro travel backpack:

  1. GoPro Gimbal

If you are looking to buy just one travel accessory, it has to be a GoPro gimbal. This accessory is necessary for stabilizing your footages when shooting in a shaky outdoor environment. It ensures your footages are smooth and high quality.

The gimbal also makes it easy for you to edit the images. There are different gimbals on the market but it’s advisable to go for a GoPro type. It’s easily compatible with the GoPro camera.

  • Spare GoPro Batteries

To ensure that your shooting is not interrupted and that you are able to capture as many travel images as you want, you need an extra set of charged GoPro batteries. They’ll save you time. Considering that GoPro batteries last for about 30 minutes before charging, you can get as many as 6.

  • GoPro Charger

Inasmuch as carrying extra batteries is a great idea, you need a charger if your exploit is bound to take more time. You can use it to charge all your batteries before and during the travel. Instead of depending on your phone’s USB cable, which may take forever to charge your device, just get a GoPro charger. It’s more efficient.

  • Safety Leash

Considering how expensive a GoPro can be on the market, you don’t want to lose yours. Therefore, it’s important to keep it close to you when traveling, especially when you are in the middle of nowhere. A safety leash is meant to serve this purpose. It’ll secure your device at all times. Other than protecting your GoPro from getting lost, a safety leash will also protect it from dropping and breaking.

  • Go Pole Reach

Also known as a Go Pole Selfie Stick or GoPro Pole, a Go Pole Reach is an essential accessory if you are looking to shoot images when hiking or swimming. It’s compact-built and very sturdy to help you take steady images. It is pocket size, so you can easily pack it in your travel backpack. It’s also partly buoyant. Provided that you don’t leave the accessory on water for long, it’ll remain afloat.

  • Remote Controller

The new GoPro Hero5 allows you to control it remotely using your voice. However, this can be awkward to do in front of people, more so when you want to shoot discreetly. In such a case, you need a remote controller. It allows you to self-time the shots and to shoot them continuously. It’s small sized and thus won’t occupy much space in your travel kit.

  • GoPro Mount

There are different categories of GoPro Mounts. The most popular ones are head mounts, suction mounts, and sticky mounts. The type of mount to for depends on your travel needs.

Nevertheless, they are all meant to attach your camera for easy shooting. If you are going for a diving adventure, the head mount will do. In case, you want an option to attach on your car, the suction mount will do. If you are looking for an all-round option, then your perfect choice is a sticky mount.

  • Waterproof Casing

Even though the new GoPro is meant to be used in water, it’s always advisable to keep your device in a waterproof casing. Whether you are shooting inside a swimming pool or in the sea, the casing will protect your camera from water damage.

  • External Storage

Taking HD footages consume a lot of space. You should never take chances when traveling. Besides, you need copies of your images in case you lose your camera. Therefore, you need to buy spacious Scandisk or hard drives for this purpose. They are not bulky and you can use them to back up your images after every shooting.

  1. Flip System

This GoPro accessory is ideal for underwater videography. Therefore, if you are a scuba diver, then this is a must-have. Under the water, the color intensity of the images that you take may degrade. Normally, the deeper you get into the water, the more faded the images become. Nonetheless, you can maintain the color quality with a flip system. It features filters that you adjust to rebalance the color of your footages.

There’s no doubt that it’s fun to have a GoPro with you when going for a travel adventure. Nevertheless, it is more fun when you include the right accessories in your travel kit. Using the above features as your guide, you should make your travel adventure more memorable.

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