The 5 Best Gaming Apps to Use in Your Free Time

The mobile games industry is growing at an astounding rate. Indeed, in 2018, it will account for around 50 percent of the global gaming market and reach almost $140 billion. We already know for some time, that more money generates from games than from movies. But the current situation (especially with the rise of virtual reality games) is taking the industry to a whole new level.

Mobile games become more exciting every year, so it’s worth it to try out a few interesting titles to pass the time and know where the technology is going. With this in mind, we share five of the most exciting gaming titles for your mobile phone available right now. They’re available both for Android and the iOS.

Alto’s Odyssey

This app is an absolute must-have for every gaming lover. Alto’s Odyssey is a simple, yet an engrossing game with a beautiful design. The vast desert stretches for miles on end, holding untold secrets. Your job is to slide down the sand dunes on your sandboard without breaking your neck.

There are many titles like this one (including skateboarding and snowboarding), but there’s something about this one that makes it special. Maybe it’s the allure of the desert or the simple controls. You must try it to feel it.

Plants vs. Zombies

With over 100 million downloads on the Play Store and over 100,000 ratings on the iOS app store, Plants vs. Zombies is one of the most popular mobile games out right now. The legendary Electronic Arts produces it and received raving reviews from both critics and regular users.

Initially, it released in 2009, but since then, it evolved into something much more than a simple game. You can edit your characters, start side quests, play in a multiplayer mode and defeat a big wave of incoming zombies. And of course, there are plenty of in-app purchases to keep you busy for a long time.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of the most financially successful mobile games of all time. Within less than one year since its release, it surpassed $1 billion in revenue, and for a good reason. It’s not easy to put it in any single category. It contains elements from card games, traditional tower defense, and a massive multiplayer battle arena. And it’s that last bit that attracts most players. By playing duels in real time, destroying your opponent’s towers and forming clans with other players, you’ll quickly find yourself immersed in the game for hours at a time.

PokerStars Casino

PokerStars Casino is not only a single game, but rather a whole hub of different gaming titles. Available both on the Android and iOS, it potentially offers hours of engaging entertainment. It has a whole range of different casino staples, ranging from blackjack to roulette to slots in dozens of variations.

But the most impressive feature is the live feature where you can join multiplayer games with real croupiers and feel like James Bond, even if you’re only sitting in your comfy chair at home.

These games are perfect if you have some spare time on your hands.


Florence is an atypical title that deserves mention on this list because it doesn’t rely on the tried-and-true gaming formats, such as cards, tower defense or arcade. It’s more of a story than a game. It’s about a 25-year-old female who lives a boring life until she meets a cello player, Krish, who changes her life forever.

When playing, you feel like you’re a part of this relationship, and the purpose of the game is to take it to the next level by solving puzzles and completing mini-games. It’s a brief experience, but it packs a powerful emotional punch you won’t get from other titles.

All the apps mentioned above provide you with hours of top mobile entertainment. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the road, commuting or want to spend some quality time at home, these games will have you covered.


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