How To Get Rid Of Phone Addiction

We are never alone, thanks to that handy computer right in our pockets. We always know where we are going, we always know what our friends are doing, and our phone alerts us with current affairs.

Social media has taken its toll over the years and our phones have exacerbated the problem significantly. If you feel like your quality of life is deteriorating, it’s time to take it back. You don’t need to throw your phone out the window, but you do need to make a few changes to master it.

The Dangers of Your Phone and Social Media Addiction

Social media addiction is a very real issue. Study after study has come out that espouses the impact that social media has on the average person’s mental health, so if you find yourself upset, stressed, or feeling like you are not enough after going on a social media app on your phone, know you are not alone.

How to Master Your Phone Usage

You don’t necessarily need to completely eradicate social media from your life, but you do need to learn how to distance yourself from it. By taking a break, you can avoid social media burnout, and can instead work towards a healthier, happier life.

1.    Use an App Blocker

If you truly need to, you can use an app blocker that will inhibit your ability to use social media apps. There is a variety out there that can block your access to Facebook, Instagram, or other sites for both desktops and mobile phones.

2.    Delete Toxic Social Media Platforms

If you feel a certain platform is toxic, delete it. You don’t need that in your life and taking drastic measures in this way can help prevent you from going back.

3.    Fill Your Phone with Healthier Alternatives

You will want to replace these unhealthy apps with something that helps you be a better person. Download puzzle games, online courses, a book app – whatever it takes to diversify your phone habits in a more productive and healthy way.

4.    Have Fun

Not everything on your phone needs to be geared towards making you a better person, especially when stress reduction is so important. Mobile and online games can be a saving grace when it comes to helping you get your mind off of a problem, so next lunch break doesn’t worry about playing a live casino Unibet game but indulge yourself. The challenge and thrill will give your brain something new and fun to focus on briefly, so you can put your work-related problems into perspective later.

Phones are so powerful and so useful, but unless you master how you use it you will suffer the consequences. It is all too easy to be sucked in by the rewards system offered by social media, and if you don’t do well you might feel anxiety or even depressed. Stop. Do more with your phone, so you thrive.

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