Must Know Link Building Myth to Increase the Traffic of Your Site

As you all know that, the search engine optimization uses various strategies to increase the traffic of the site. One such strategy is link building. Link building is the process of obtaining hyperlinks from other websites to your own site. In simple terms, your website’s link will be added as a hyperlink on other sites.

The point is that one should use the right link building strategy to get higher rankings in the search engine page. In this article, we are going to discuss the myths of link building, so that, you would come to know which the best link building strategy is.

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Myth 1 – Building a few links would not help you get what you want

You should not build the backlinks in a slow manner. If you do, getting the results on page 1 will be slow. First of all, you have to determine how many backlinks will help you get on page number 1. If it is needed to be, you can analyze your competitors with respect to what number of links has taken your rivalry to the first page. Of course, you cannot determine the number of links needed in a random fashion. You can visit the page one results and check how many backlinks they have created to get them on the first page.

Myth 2 – The fast you build links the sooner you will get penalized

If you build the links too quickly, you will get penalized by Google and this is a common problem in link building. The point is that, everyone would like to have a number of backlinks for their site and it is not a bad idea. If the content is good and catchy, then it will attract the links in a quick time. So, you have to decide in which content you are going to insert your links. The content in which you are inserting your link should be useful to the readers.

Myth 3 – Building the links on an irrelevant site and getting penalized

Link building is not building backlinks on any kind of sites that either match or do not match your niche. You should add your links on the sites that do the same business what you do. Only then, you would not be penalized. Take, for example, if you are a flower store, then you will add your links to any flower store or related sites. You can get links from various sites, but context matters.

Myth 4 – Every link should get hold of accurately matching keywords

Link building is that you are adding hyperlinks on various site to get the visitors to your site, in such cases, the hyperlink should contain your keyword. Simply adding “click here” or “read here” hyperlinks would not get you the quantity of traffic that you want to your site. At the same time, if you make your relevant keywords as your hyperlinks, then you can get more visits to your site within a short span.

I hope that you would have understood how the link building should be done to enhance your site’s visits and rankings.

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