Smartphone Games to Play if You Can’t Make it to Vegas

If you’re all about the gaming life, it’s hard to go wrong with a trip to Las Vegas. There are dozens of casinos in the Strip, and more than one hundred in the county. It’ll take you many, many trips to get through all the casinos — a fun challenge if you’re up for it.

Vegas-inspired casino and gaming love is so widespread that there’s now virtual reality poker, online games in a range of different styles, and global tournaments and events. But that’s not all Vegas has to offer: it’s renowned worldwide for its incredible entertainment and nightlife. If you can’t make it to Sin City but want to add some of its magic to your day-to-day life, below are several apps to entertain you, Vegas-style.


HQ is a free live game show app where you can answer trivia questions for a chance to win cash prizes. The questions start out relatively easy, and gradually increase in difficulty. They often include multiple choice questions and word puzzles. When you answer a question correctly, you’ll go onto the next round, and when you answer a question incorrectly, the game is over for you. After each question, you’ll get to see the right answer and how well other users performed. It’s best to turn on push notifications so you’ll never miss a game. To give you some Vegas-style entertainment, the app also features special guest celebrities such as Robert De Niro, the Rock, and Gordon Ramsay, among others.

When this app first launched, it was an instant hit. The game constantly crashed because they had more users than they had anticipated for a new game. But that also shows just how fun and entertaining it is — despite the frequent issues, millions of users tuned in every day to play this game, and still do to this day.


With more than 50 million users, StarMaker will allow you to live out your musical dreams. This popular karaoke app allows you to collaborate with other users or freestyle, and the app even offers voice editors and fun camera filters. There’s also the option to join a party room, where you can chat with users from all over the world, make new friends, and have fun singing your favorite songs. StarMaker has one of the biggest song catalogs around and features many popular U.S. and global hits. The tunes change frequently so there’s no need to worry about singing the same songs over and over!

Wheel of Fortune

Your favorite game show is now a mobile app. Become a contestant and spin the wheel, guess letters, buy a vowel, and watch as it all appears on the puzzle board. Like the real game, Pat Sajak will guide you around the world as you answer questions. The puzzles were written by the show’s producers especially for this game, so you’ll be sure to get some good ones that you’ve never heard before, and the questions are continuously updated as well. You can play with your friends or family, or with users from all around the world, and compete in tournaments for a chance to win prizes.


If you like talent shows, this app is sure to offer you a good time. With TalentMob, you’ll perform your talent — such as singing, telling jokes, dancing, or doing gymnastics — for other users, and they’ll vote on your performance. The app claims that it has more engagement than apps like Instagram, with 85 percent of users liking, disliking, and commenting on videos.

Like real talent shows, TalentMob allows you to compete for cash prizes. The prize amount will increase as the number of people who are competing increases. Roughly one in five people get paid for their talents, and the top five performances are shared by TalentMob on social media. So if you’re trying to break into the entertainment business in a different way, this could be a good way to go about it. Who knows — your video could go viral. And before you know it, you could end up in Vegas alongside the stars!

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