The Gadgets You Need When Working Away From Home

Working away from home can never quite bring the sort of productivity an office can. Sure, you’re away from the distractions, but the sort of tech and speeds you’re used to simply don’t cut it in hotel lobbies or coffee shops.

Being away on business throws up a number of issues regularly, but there are plenty of ways in which you can make it smoother.

Tech can enhance the way we work in so many ways, and if you’re finding yourself away from the office for a long spell you really shouldn’t fear, there are plenty of gadgets to help.

With 2019 now well underway, we take a look at some of the best gadgets and bits of tech to help you when working away.


It’s incredible how many people freely connect their work laptops to public wi-fi connections. Starbucks is rife with them, but in truth, you’ve no idea who else is connected.

Public wi-fi is a real hotbed for hackers, who could comfortably access all your business files and cause some real trouble.

A good way to avoid this is with the use of a VPN. There are dozens on the market and what they do is connect you to a different server, thus camouflaging you from the server you’re connected to and making you invisible to hackers.

They’re a superb security measure and are being used more and more. What’s more, they don’t cost the earth either. Many costs just a few dollars per month, a free VPN will also serve you pretty well if you only need the most basic of versions.

For anyone who works away a lot, a VPN really is a must.


When cutting off from office it’s incredibly difficult to send across paper documents to colleagues, not unless they’re ready to wait for the postman anyway.

Portable scanners are brilliant little tools to take away on business and will allow you to send signed contracts, important documents and any notes you may have easily.

The IRIScan is one of the more popular models and is battery powered, automatically saving your documents to its internal memory which can then be downloaded to your device.

It retails at around $149, but with the speed, you can send documents back to the office, it’s pretty priceless.

Apeman Mini Projector

Delivering presentations or pitching may well be your bread and butter, in which case the Apeman mini projector could well be your ultimate travel partner.

At just 10cm long and 10cm wide, it’s a fantastic piece of kit that can project up to 100 inches, ideal for quickly setting up, plugging in and delivering your work.

It costs around the $200 mark, but the convenience is superior and will not only save you having to take a huge projector through your luggage (or not one at all) but could also be the difference in winning a major client.

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