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At a time when it has become indispensable for the IT professionals to opt for latest IT certifications, there it is important to learn how to pass IT exam. Keeping this in mind here a few important tips have been discussed that can help you in cracking any type of IT certifications offered by any vendor.

Scroll down to learn more about How to prepare for IT exams and the preparation materials available in the market.

How to pass IT exam

You might be a student or an IT professional who is willing to become certified in any reputed IT certifications. However, you must be facing troubles in passing the certifications exams. One of the reasons behind this lies in the fact that you do not any strategy. You do not plan the preparation and just think that you will be able to pass with the help of exam dumps without understanding that practicing sets are just one part of preparation. You need to do more than this if you really want to become certified in top IT certifications.

IT certifications

Make a strategy

The first thing that you need to do is to make a powerful strategy on the basis of the certification which you have chosen. For this, you need to be thorough with the skills and knowledge that this certification will be offering you. Once you know all this then check the date of your exam and the type of exam. Generally, the IT certification exams are Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), which are performance-based. This means you must start the preparation 8 to 10 weeks in ahead of the exam depending on the hours you can dedicate to the preparation of the certification exam. For instance, if you are a working IT professional, then it is expected that you will be sparing one hour daily for the exam preparation.

Prepare with respect to the exam level

All exams are of a different level. Some IT certifications are entry-level while some are of expert-level. For instance, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Server Infrastructure is an entry-level exam, while Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) Server Infrastructure is an expert level exam. Although the topics to be covered are more or less same here, you need an in-depth understanding to pass Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) Server Infrastructure certification exam. This means that if you have to become certified in MCSE certification exam, then you need to prepare in a different manner. Undoubtedly, you will not be allowed to take the expert-level exam without passing the lower-level exam. Still, there are many of the candidates who apply the same strategy to the higher-level certifications as that of the entry-level and fail to become certified.

Get a clear understanding of the basic principles

Any IT certification exam is not easy to pass, as it is the level of difficulty in passing it that enhances its worth in the eyes of the employers. Therefore, you need to work hard if you are planning to become certified in any globally recognized certification offered by vendors, like CompTIA, Microsoft, CISCO, AWS, etc. It is highly recommended that you get a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts of the certification program. Try to understand the core principles of the exam and clear all your doubts related to it. You can do this with help of different preparation materials for IT exams.

Types of preparation materials Available for IT exams

It is necessary to point out that there is not one, but many ways to pass any popular IT exams. You need to read the article Prepaway launches training courses & free certification exam questions so that it helps you in becoming certified. Here some of the preparation materials have been discussed and all are equally important if you want to score high.

Study Guides

There are many of you who understand its importance and this is one of the reasons why you choose it. The point where you go wrong is that you think only study guides of a particular IT certification can help you crack the exam. You need to understand whether it is an open exam or not study guides covers for you the whole syllabus of the exam and gives you an understanding of all the portions of the exam. Nevertheless, it is just one way of preparing for the exam. You need to look for other options as well. Furthermore, you also need to analyze which study guide is a better option for you and which is not.

Self-Study Books

There is no substitute for self-study and only a good book by IT industry experts can help you in this. You need to take these books seriously and try to clarify all your doubts related to any topics. Studying a book takes time, so you are advised to start your preparation with IT certification books rather than guides.

Online Tutorials

Another preparation material that you can opt for IT certifications exams is online tutorials from This is a good and innovative way of preparing for the exam. However, you need to ensure that you choose a tutorial which makes you understand things with respect to the exams and also offer you an insight of the exams. You may choose a paid IT certification exam preparation tutorial or a free one. The only thing that you must remember is that it is offered by the experts who have passed the exam themselves and know the tricks to improve your performance in the exam.

Exam Dumps

Practice tests or IT certification exam dumps are a good way to seal the preparation of the exam. You must never forget to choose it, as it helps you understand your speed and where you lack. It also lets you see the level of questions that will be coming in the exam. You must try to opt for more practice sets. However, it is important that you do simultaneously with your self-study and attending online tutorials.


If you are a candidate who really wants to boost his or her career in the IT industry, then you must opt for IT certifications. The best ways to pass any IT certification exam have been discussed here. You must not ignore the importance of different preparation materials for IT exams mentioned above.

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