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Download & Install Galaxy Note 4 Accuweather Widget

Galaxy Note 4 weather widget is ported to other Android devices and here you can download and install it. It is ported directly from the Note 4’s System Dump and reported as fully working. The Galaxy Note 4 is a great device and brought many features. Among them a redesigned …

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How To Install Xperia Z2 Lock Screen To KitKat ROMs

Xperia Z2 Lock Screen

Every manufacturer releases their devices with a different version of Android. They get the source code of Android and modify it to bring their own version. They integrate their apps and other useful features into the system. Every version of Android is completely different from one device to another. Inbuild apps, …

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[APK] Download Xperia Z3 Keyboard App

Here you will find where to download Xperia Z3 keyboard app apk and how to install it on other devices. If you have been using an Android device for a while, you may already know that developers work hard to port the most popular apps of the best devices to …

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How To Remove Call Log Limit On Sony Xperia Devices

Usually, Android devices have a call limit set to 500 calls. For most of the people, it’s enough but for you, me and many other it is not. We made some searches and found a way how to remove call limit on Xperia Devices. Why should such limit exist? As …

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Download & Install HTC Locations Offline Maps

HTC has discontinued their service for their navigation app ‘HTC Locations’ in July 2013. Even thought it may seems like an outdated app, it works great. This app was very handy because you could download a map of a particular country and use it offline. Furthermore it doesn’t require much space …

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