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Samsung is having too much success with the new Galaxy S6. It intends to break any record due to the fact that Galaxy S6 is the first phone made by Samsung that has a premium body with glass and aluminium. But it’s not only the body that make the Galaxy S6 awesome. It has the best specs like a Octa-Core processor, 3 GB RAM and more. The Camara is also a strong point of Galaxy S6. Samsung decided to change it’s own camera sensor with Sony’s sensor which seem to be good because the Sony’s camera has performed better in benchmarks and other camera comparison.

Well we have to admit that Galaxy S6 TouchWiz is also improved with tons of feature. It not only is designed to be faster than ever before but also has a good look that anyone would like to enjoy. Another feature of Galaxy S6 is that it allows users to remove those annoying bloatware that comes pre-installed with the software.

Samsung Galaxy S6 which is the hottest device of the moment is getting too much attention from Android users. Since it’s a new release no one can afford buying one. If you can’t buy a new Galaxy S6 at least you can enjoy its features on you old Android device. Developers have started work and have ported almost all the Galaxy S6 featured app and you can install it right away on your phone. You can download and install:

In this post you will learn how to transform you dialer app like the app of Galaxy S6. Since the original app is not ported yet you can theme another dialer app and make it look like Galaxy S6 app. There will be no difference expect the name of the apps. The theme is created by the XDA Senior Member named as “pecco”. He created a theme for ExDialer and you can install it right away. The developer has created everything in detail. After you installing the theme you will notice that is the same as Galaxy S6. The good news is that you can install it on any 4.0 and higher Android version.


How To Install Galaxy S6 Dialer App

  • Fisrt you need to install ExDialer. It’s a third-part dialer app and can be downloaded from Play Store for free.
  • Download Galaxy S6 Dialer Theme.
  • It’s and apk file simply install it as normal.
  • Now open ExDialer and tap the menu. In the top right you will see those three little dots.
  • Tap on Preferences.
  • Navigate to Theme and select Galaxy S6 theme.
  • Check ExDialer it will be the same as original Galaxy S6 Dialer app.
  • Enjoy

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