Galaxy Note 5 – Why It Doesn’t Worth Upgrading

Galaxy S5 non removable battery

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is already here and it seems to be one of the best devices Samsung has ever created. It has a premium buddy made by glass and aluminium and also good specs like 4 GB RAM and an octa-core proccesor. Samsung may have made a good phone but …

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The Pros And Cons Of Mobile Payment Systems

information about mobile payments

It has been a long time since mobile payments have been around but only in the last year they have found wide use in making payments to buy different products or access services. But is it really safe to use mobile payments rather than physical payments? Is it safe to use …

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10 Tips &Tricks That Every Android Lollipop User Must Know

So you like to mess up with your Android and have installed Lollipop on your device. Have you installed it officially or non-offcially? If your device haven’t received a Lollipop official update consider yourself lucky because you can install a Custom ROM based on Android Lollipop which in most of …

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Best Custom Boot Animations For Moto G

The good thing about Android is that you can customize almost everything and boot animation is one of those thing you can easily change on your Android device. Boot Animation is different in all Android devices, usually it shows the manufacture logo in our case the Motorola logo. You can …

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Why Android Lollipop Sucks – Top Annoying Lollipop Features

Here are some annoying things about Android 5.0 Lollipop that makes you wonder to update your phone or not into it. Android Lollipop 5.0 comes with many changes comparing with the previous version Android 4.4 KitKat. The biggest change is the user interface. Google presented a new look with Android Lollipop. Called …

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