What You Need To Know About Android 5.0 Lollipop Security

Security always had been a problem in Android OS. malware can easily compromise Security on Android and get inside the system, so they cause a lot of damage. Hackers also have used this fact to create such malware to steal data from your phone. But in reality things are not so easy, the protection is not bad at all. Android …

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Cube Talk 9X Review – An Awesome Tablet Ever From a Chinese Brand

Who will ever thought that even Chinese Brands can create such good devices like Cube Talk 9X . With its slim, a metal body and a cool paint job, Cube Talk 9X is probably the best-looking phone ever created. The metal construction make it feel premium an luxurious when you have it on your hand. There is no flex in …

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Top Best Android 5.0 Lollipop Features. Why You Should Install It

Android 5.0 Lollipop is absolutely a full pack of features and optimizations. Long time ago when Google introduced Lollipop, it feels like something special. Only now when Lollipop update is rolling out on some devices like Nexus or Motorola device. Some others are receiving it unofficially with custom builds, but even in this way you can try the real power of …

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6 Best LG G3 Clock Apps To Use With Quick Circle Case

LG G3 Rolex watch face for quick circle case

Quick circle case is one the best cases ever created for LG G3. It has a circle-shaped cutout where you can install different apps depending what you do the most. For example you can install a music player if you listen music a lot. You can install your favorite app, game or even a widget. Most of the people prefer …

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Top Best LG G3 Quick Circle Application

Here is the list with top best LG G3 quick circle application. The quick circle apps are designed especially to use with quick circle case. Quick Circle case is a cool case for LG G3. It has circle-shaped cutout where you can do a lot of things depending on your installed apps. In that circle-shaped cutout you can call people, reply messages, check …

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Why iPhone 6 Isn’t Good. The Bad Things

Here are the bad things about iPhone 6 and why it isn’t as good as we expected. For a long time apple said the iPhone 6 will be a competitive device for other smarphones but it don’t seems to be like that. Apple iPhone 6 is the flagship device of the year of Apple Company. It was announced during Apple …

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