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10 Tips &Tricks That Every Android Lollipop User Must Know

So you like to mess up with your Android and have installed Lollipop on your device. Have you installed it officially or non-offcially? If your device haven’t received a Lollipop official update consider yourself lucky because you can install a Custom ROM based on Android Lollipop which in most of …

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Why Nexus 6 Back-Plate Is Being Detached And How To Prevent It

A few Nexus 6 devices are suffering from detached back-plate or back-cover. This seems to be a build-quality failure which can cause the back cover of the device being detached from the body. The problem is reported in Twitter¬†by many user who are complaining about this issue. According to those …

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Download iPhone iOS 8 Full Emoji Icons Pack On Nexus 5

Emoji is a pack full of icons you can install on your phone and use them in chat. We have seen Emoji pack being available for many Android devices, but it doesn’t contain all the icons that iOS 8 Emoji has.Apple devices like iPhone and iPad have Emoji pack installed …

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Download iOS (iPhone & iPad) Emoji Icons Pack On Galaxy S4

Emoji icons pack can be installed only on Android 4.4 KitKat and later. The early versions of Android don’t support Emoji. The good news about Galaxy S4 is that it is updated to Android 4.4.2 KitKat and it supports Emoji perfectly. In the previous version 4.3 of Android, those small …

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