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How To Fix Android Marshmallow Battery Drain (WiFi & General)

WiFi Battery Drain Marshmallow solved

Android Marshmallow has everything you need. It’s a complete package; looks cool, has a beautiful and simple user and interface and beneath the surface there are plethora of features. That being said Android Marshmallow is the best for now. All the latest device are getting a Marshmallow update but along with the features unfortunately it brought some bugs as well. …

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How To Fix Galaxy S6 Deep Sleep & Battery Drain Issues

Fix Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Deep Sleep and Battery Drain

Have you bought a new Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge? Have you rooted it with CF Auto-Root tool? If you answered yes then you may have heard about Deep Sleep issue and Battery Drain. This problem is encountered only on those devices which are rooted with Auto-Root and TWRP Custom Recovery is installed. To check if your Galaxy S6 or …

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How To Fix Nexus 7 Battery Drain & Slow Charging Issue

Learn how to fix easy battery drain and slow charging problem on Nexus 7 in an easy and simple way. Nexus 7 is one of those few devices that everyone would love to have in his hands. It comes with many improvements and such good features that makes it a good device. It has also a big battery 3950 mA. …

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