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How To Fix Android Marshmallow Battery Drain (WiFi & General)

WiFi Battery Drain Marshmallow solved

Android Marshmallow has everything you need. It’s a complete package; looks cool, has a beautiful and simple user and interface and beneath the surface there are plethora of features. That being said Android Marshmallow is the best for now. All the latest device are getting a Marshmallow update but along with the features unfortunately it brought some bugs as well. …

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First Galaxy Note 4 Update Increase Its Battery Life

How to fix easy battery drain on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and increase the battery life. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes as the most powerful phone ever created, it comes with good specs and lot of features and improvements that makes this phone adorable. It also has a cool design with a beautiful aluminium frame which make this phone high …

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How To Improve LG G3 Battery Life & Fix Easy Drain Problem

LG G3 is one of the few devices that is powered by a huge battery. But even though it comes with a 3000 mAh battery, LG G3 still suffer from battery drain issues. There are numerous users who have reported issues with the battery. In many cases the battery will last only for few hours even if you haven’t used …

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