5 Thing To Know About Visual Content Strategy in 2019

Marketing has been so challenging these past few years. Every product we buy, everything we see, the first thing that catches our sight is the visual content. By this word, we understand the beauty that goes within the product and the brand. But how can we find a way to …

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10 Tips For Being a Successful Student Entrepreneur

Being a student can be cool. But being a student entrepreneur can be tough. You need to sacrifice your free time, friends and more and focus on your business, follow your dream and your purpose. Being a successful entrepreneur while you’re still in college requires a lot of work, focus, …

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Tips and Tricks for Windows 10 Start Button

Windows 10

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft came back to its Start Button, which was temporarily removed in its Windows 8 version due to a system failure. Now the start button is back, and this time it has come with some very cool features. If you’ve got the latest Windows …

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How To Get Rid Of Phone Addiction

We are never alone, thanks to that handy computer right in our pockets. We always know where we are going, we always know what our friends are doing, and our phone alerts us with current affairs. Social media has taken its toll over the years and our phones have exacerbated …

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5 Gadgets Every Business Traveler Should Have

Travel laptop

Traveling for business is different than traveling for pleasure. When you travel for business, you don’t get to leave work at the office. The office must go with you wherever you’re headed. You don’t get to go adventuring (not most of the time, anyway). You probably won’t even get a …

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10 Must-Have GoPro Accessories for Travel

Traveling is all about creating memories and keeping them. Regardless of where you travel to, you can always capture the moments as they are with a GoPro camera. It’s what you need to take your video or photo-taking skills to the next level. Once you have your ideal GoPro, the …

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Best Home Buying Apps for 2019

As buying a home is usually the most expensive purchase one makes in a lifetime, it’s important to have all the tools you need to make the best decision possible. Thanks to the modern technology, these days that includes home buying apps. According to the National Association of Realtors Real …

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Here’s How IoT is Revolutionizing the World of Sport

The Internet of Things (IoT) is beginning to revolutionize aspects of sports, from enhancing gameplay itself to creating a more engaging fan experience. IoT concepts become ingrained in sports very quickly. While the most traditional sports can be slow to embrace significant technological change, once they have been accepted, then …

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Top App Development Tips

App development tips The app industry is one of the highest growth technology industries in the world at the moment. In 2017 there were an estimated 268 billion app downloads with revenues of over $77 million. Most apps tend to be free, making their money from in-app purchases and in-app …

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