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How To Remove a Flashed Mod On Android Devices

Android mods

In Android world a Mod is refered to a zip file which is used to modify the system. Sometimes after flashing a mod things don’t go always well. In most of the cases we install mods to customize Android and make it better. There are several ways to modify the …

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Fix “Recovery is not Seandroid Enforcing” On Galaxy Devices

Recovery is not Seandroid Enforcing fix solution

“Recovery is not Seandroid Enforcing” is an error reported recently by Samsung Galaxy device users. It’s a strange problem and your device won’t turn on. Instead the device will stuck at Samsung logo and it will display “Recovery is not Seandroid Enforcing” message in the top left corner. This issue is …

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How To Get Rid Of Snapchat Discover Feature On Android App

remove discover from snapchat android

Recently Snapchat has received plethora of updates. It look like the developers are working hard to add more features to the app but these features are not always welcomed by the users. Called as a new feature, the latest update of Snapchat brings a new option named as Discover. There you …

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How To Disable & Remove KNOX On Galaxy Devices

Samsung Knox

KNOX is a security feature developed by Samsung with protection in mind. According to Samsung, Knox will protect your Galaxy device. It will scan all the files and if anything suspicious if found it will alert you to take actions. At first Knox was delivered with the Android4.3 update on on …

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How To Install TWRP Custom Recovery On Xiaomi Mi Note

Install TWRP Recovery Xiaomi Mi Note

Finally TWRP made its own way to Xiaomi Mi Note. TWRP is the most popular Custom Recovery for Android and probably the best. Every Android device has a recovery installed by default but it allows you to perform only few basic actions. It’s very limited when it comes to install …

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How To Check If LG G4 Is Affected By Touchscreen Issues

Fix LG G4 Touchscreen problems

LG G4 is already released and the first problems are noticed. Plenty of users have reported touchscreen issues. It’s a pity to see a device like LG G4 to suffer from this nasty issues. Nowadays the screen is the main part of the smartphone and if it doesn’t work correctly, the phone …

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